It's Hammertime in New Thoughts

  • June 20, 2020, 2:40 a.m.
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They smashed my windscreen with a hammer.

Found the damage this morning…

Kinda sus the way the cop asked if this is my car

And now this…

Just sayin’

You know what, I’m not really bothered…

Mr B is, he’s pretending not to be, but he is…

But the windscreen is worth more than the car…

FUCK this is petty

I’m getting drunk now…

I kinda feel ridiculous this is my life.

I really don’t care about much anymore

Too much of this really does change you.

I’m kinda like a cranky old man, I don’t care what I say to whom anymore

I threw eggs all over their front lawn, I was aiming for their cars but Mr B stopped me and I threw the eggs everywhere else.

I hope they had to clean up the mess.

I came home then Etho my ginger cat went to check out what I had done, he’s home now.

I want to egg the police station next. And wrap it up in toilet paper. And spray paint rude words all over the building.

Mr B is making sure I don’t go anywhere.

Oh well.

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