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  • June 19, 2020, 12:24 p.m.
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Things are progressing on the home front.

Pretty much have the loft cleaned out and lots of things are moved to storage. On Tuesday the staging consultant came over to go over everything she wanted done to make the place look good for showings. Tonight is the final stages of “staging” the place. It’s been a lot of work but it looks good now.

Tomorrow the photographers are coming to do still photography for the listing and also the photography for the 3-D tour. I’m not sure when the listing will actually be live, but our realtor told us it’s usually about 2 weeks after that? So we aren’t far away, we should be listed/showing by July 1.

I read an article in the local newspaper just today that in spite of all that’s going on with the pandemic (which has not really been a big concern here, outside of the nursing homes) and with the chaos in the city a few weeks ago, the housing market is still as tight as it’s ever been, there are a lot more buyers than properties. Stories still abound of lofts in the city going under contract after 2 days on the market, people getting more than their asking price. Mortgage rates are at historic lows so people feel like they can spend more. etc. It’s a good time to sell in theory.

I think we might be above the first time home buyer market, but a lot of these downtown units are gobbled up by people who are downsizing house now that their kids have moved out and they have plenty to spend. Not generally good for younger people, but we’re in the lucky spot where this should work in our favor - we’ll be selling at a high water mark for this market and hopefully buying again in a state where housing prices are much lower at the moment.

My poor cat is going to have a bad day tomorrow though, the photographers say they won’t work if anyone is here because of the virus, so I’ve got to get him in his carrier and we have to leave for 3 hours. No idea what we’re going to do or where we are going to go. I might just drive to a park and sit in the car reading a book, and let him out (inside the car) to look out the windows or something. What else can I do?

I will be so glad when this whole process is over.

Looking forward though, to better things!

Last updated June 19, 2020

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