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  • June 18, 2020, 7:13 p.m.
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It’s quiet here today.

The family were carrying on because they were getting dirt bikes out of the house and putting them in a van, a new Dirtbiker was standing on the front lawn yelling at us. We were in the yard, we ignored him so he waved at us and then drugmum just went feral…

It continued for a while. They were yelling racial stuff at the house cos I fly the aboriginal flag at my front door. I yelled back at drugmum, she was just like her father, she really takes after him well..

I called the police that she had been doing this for two days now can the police attend to diffuse the situation, and deter her from escalating?. I was surprised when, not long later Mr B told me there’s a car out there doing laps just watching. The car stopped and had a chat to drugmum then it did a lap of the block and pulled up outside our place.

Mr B says go inside, don’t talk to them.

Uniformed officers on the beat really make me angry and upset and I just lose it at them. I have no patience for them, especially when they speak the way they do and talk over the top of you, and just be the way nsw police are, horrible. Queensland Police are not like this at all and actually talk to you like your a human being with half a brain in your head.

I sit inside, police are talking to Mr B, they said this is a neighbor dispute, they said that I had a go at her dead parents, they asked some weird questions, like if this car is ours, and said stuff about it comes down to evidence, how do we know who the dirt bikers are, how do you know it’s them, have you got any footage, why haven’t we seen it?

Then I heard the male officer lecturing Mr B about the AVO process and how to get one and once we have one they can do more.

I lost it.

I came outside. I said, I’m not going to play your song and dance routine just for you lot to turn around and screw me again.

I said the AVO process is a system that is failing everyone and the only people reaping the benefits of the failed system are the ones misusing it.

I ask why the police are looking after them, we’re not he says.

I’m not going to hear more piss weak excuses from the prosecution

In other areas members of the prosecution drink with people worse than this on a Friday night, shall I tell you which pubs? And the dealers are quite proud of who they are associated with.

He said the police here dont even live in this town.

I said that’s no true, I told him the name of an officer, he only lives a few houses down…

He wouldn’t have anything to do with people like this!

And there it is, the nsw police being all high and mighty again.

I am not going to engage drugmum in a court room. I’ll be taking on the whole lot of them, and they are many, they will no doubt go to the ends of the earth back her up, false affidavits you name it.

We get in front of a magistrate, the magistrate will say I don’t want to preside over this shit fest and will take the matter to undertakings, and then they may even file a cross application back against me…

He said but we have a new magistrate now

I don’t care, I don’t want to meet them. You get paid to go to court, I don’t. You put them in a court room. It’s called criminal matters, I’m not launching a civil matter, when you lot should just do your jobs. They’ve been participating in crime for generations. Drugmum was taught to do this from before she could speak. And the reason she’s doing it here in this town, is because she can.

I told him to stop lecturing my husband about the AVO process.

He says, I’m not lecturing him…

I say, stop wasting your breath then.

And I walk inside.

Mr B chats a little more and apologizes for me and they leave.

drugmum is watching police leave and goes feral yelling at our house again.

Ten minutes later she’s driving the van followed by a pajero, full of drugfamily members beeping their horns, hanging out the window and yelling at my house.

They drive down the street.

Mr B is angry and rings the station to speak to the inspector who left him a message the other day saying if they give us trouble to speak with him directly.

The cop who lives in our street answersthe phone, Mr B asks him is this being written off as a neighbor dispute is it?

The officer calms him down and asks for whatever footage we have today and come in and see him.

Mr B went straight there, if drugfamily have all gone out, you go and I’ll lock myself in and they shouldn’t know. So I put Rex in the yard and settled down. Mr B headed off.

After he left I was really upset. I just wanted to cry. So I did, I then took a whole bunch of pills because I just wanted to fall asleep. I was shaking. I used to shake all the time, like a mild tremble especially when I was nervous. I was doing this now. We had a bottle of 15 year old scotch so I got stuck in.

Mr B came back.

That cop in our street has just confirmed his promotion. He’s detective now… He said, I’m not going to give you any piss weak excuses and was really nice. They talked for over an hour, there’s so much going on, he told Mr B don’t ring the station anymore, ring the PAL or the sergeant who replies to emails or call him directly.

He really is really impressed with our footage, it shows so much, who is who, who is coming and going, he wants more if anything happens, he will stop by tonight and leave USB sticks in our letterbox and when we come in ask for them to go straight to him.

drug cousin and drug grandson have also had bail refused, so drugmum isn’t happy.

The three they got last week, drugmate and his two mates, we’re done with a whole range of offences, including burglaries, and car theft, they stole two mining Utes from a house around the corner, they’ve committed other break ins but it’s our footage that has linked all the crimes, they broke into the equipment hire place last year and stole an escavator…the stolen bikes, the charges were quite substantial.

And it shows who also is involved, drug family.

Mr B came home with a big huge giant pizza and gorged himself and wanted me to eat some, when I’m stressed out, I don’t eat.

I stayed up listening to music for a bit and went to sleep feeling ill.

I didn’t really sleep.

Now it’s 10am and Mr B wants to go finish off my aunt’s yard work, but I just don’t want to participate in the world today.

She doesn’t know about any of this. She was really involved in my nephews matter, where the police were really bad, and this will freak her right out…

Not a peep out of across the street. Mr B rang their housing provider when drugmum was going off, and they heard her in the background.

They were surprised she was still carrying on…

But see, in her pea brain, this is all our fault. We’ve done this to them, and why can’t we leave them alone?

Cos I’m sick of freaking dirt bikers.

It’s really simple actually.

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