4th of July Bash! in And So It Goes....

  • June 18, 2020, 1:10 p.m.
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A tenant’s request, to our landlord to have a holiday cookout was approved. Yesterday evening, the tenant whom asked for permission to have the event, and whom presumably was going to be the chairperson, told me that he will not be home on the 4th of July. A good friend of mine asked me if I would like to be a co-chairman with her in order that we could organize and be in charge for some type of holiday celebration. I told her that it was fine by me, but that we would have to get permission from our landlord, especially if we dec ide to have the event in the community room. I have a large coffee pot and a large electric skillet, on which to cook hamburgers and hotdogs. I would gladly be in charge of the music, as well, as I have done in the past. I am getting excited about it, and think that everyone would have a good time, and that it would be lots of fun. We could ask the other tenants if they would like to bring, paper products, or beverages, or a covered dish. It would be very nice. :)

Purple Dawn June 18, 2020

Sounds fun :)

chocolatechip Purple Dawn ⋅ June 18, 2020

Yes. I am excited about it. I do not mind sharing the bulk of the responsibilities w/ my best friend. Together we will plan a party, and as I mentioned, hopefully everyone will enjoy themselves. It would be good if we could have others sign up to help, but "Suzan" and I feel well enough that we can put something on for everyone. I hope that you are doing well. I always appreciate your comments and suggestions, my friend.

^..^Kat July 01, 2020

I like the ideas you have so far.

chocolatechip ^..^Kat ⋅ July 02, 2020

Given what went down, I have heard that it may be cancelled.

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