Dark Moon Days in New Thoughts

  • June 17, 2020, 6:27 p.m.
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Sydney rentals have the highest vacate rate ever atm, those renters better not move here! They can only move here, to where rentals are more affordable after Mr B and I have found our new place!

Sydney rents are crazy, so people are just leaving… And new renters aren’t moving in.

So hopefully this is the beginning of the busting of the bubble. Our crazy real estate boom has to start collapsing eventually, Easy enough for me to say, I don’t own Anything, I’m on the lowest income possible and I just want a half decent roof over my head!

Drugmum was going off last night. Standing at the end of her driveway yelling profanities at my house. She called me a whorebag, a black slut, a dumb bitch and to go back to Kiama, she’s always telling me to go back to Kiama, I have no idea why, I’ve never lived there, I’m not from there…

So Mr B called the police, they didn’t come out, they said to ring back if she does it again.

They must have had 11 cars parked all around their place, but they were pretty quiet…

Mr B says I’m not going to training tonight. It’s his second night back and I bought him a new Bo (staff) made out of Tasmanian Oak… He’s now practising his third and fourth Dan tests… He’s in a whole new style so they’re trying to figure out what level he’s at, so he has to go through normal grading in this new school. He was graded to brown belt in his first three weeks. I think it’s silly seeing him in a brown belt, he was on the national all styles team and never lost a match, so I want him to do really well under this new Master… Mr B says if they see me go out, what’s to stop them from coming over or doing something?

It’s safer I stay here until we see the boys done. But I think drugmum might go completely feral when she sees her son and nephew go away on the same day…

Mr B says he wants to ring their housing provider today and ask them what the hell is going on, on their end.

I’m just completely over it. Don’t see how that would be beneficial..

We turn most of our lights off and pretend not to be home. So if she looks at our house, there’s just nothing there…

About 10pm drugmum is at it again, the police told us to film her, but weren’t going to come out cos she’ll just deny it… And then it’s really difficult to do anything about it…

But police presence would be enough to deter her from escalating.

After about five minutes she gives up and goes back inside. They were super quiet , despite about 6 cars parked there last night.

This morning super quiet. Two dirt bikes were fanging around at about 3am, I don’t think it was the drugfamily probably someone else… Bit yeah they probably would

Because its a dark moon, I’m not leaving the house. I’m not setting foot outside, I don’t want any of them to see me.

I was meant to be helping my Aunt, but she lives by the lake and it’s about 40minutes away, and I don’t want to leave the house unattended. Plus it’s been raining, so her yard work can wait a few days.

I am meant to be doing the baby blanket for Sofia, but she says she’s flying out to Greece on 27 July, but the borders are still closed. They’re going to be closed for a long while.

The travel agents are in strife cos they started booking all these flights despite no one being able to fly, so I hope I have a little longer to get it done.

But I guess I can just knit all day today…

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