My new obsession in 2020

  • June 17, 2020, 11:50 a.m.
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I want a bike.
I haven’t had a bike since I was like 18. But why do bikes SO.EXPENSIVE. Thousands of dollars. Noooo. We don’t need SUPER NICE ones because we’re not going on trails or anything but we don’t want “cruisers”.

I found some decent ones for like $400-500. That’s do-able.

BUT MAN. I want one. It’ll get us out of the house and active. We literally sit all day long at work then go home and besides the little bit of yard work, cooking and cleaning, we sit all night long. It’s so unhealthy and gross.

Andy doesn’t hate the idea. I know he loves his video games and I think he’s a little bummed sometimes there’s not more time in the days for him to play but… health is more important!

I think we’re both kind of over Animal Crossing. I mean… we still log in and do the daily stuff but there’s nothing else to do for now. We checked yesterday and I have like 165 HOURS of play time.... he has 180???. How? I don’t know. It’s insane. But not as insane as one of his friends who has over 730 hours! Then again she’s working from home so I get it.... but still. What is there to do?! We’re not creative enough for this. Hahaha. I do want to change some stuff up so I COULD put in more time but… yeah… work + house chores= no time lately. Summer time with flowers and yard work leaves little extra time when you’re gone from 7:30am-5:30pm and you’re usually in bed by 10. Lol.

Oh! We got our first date night box.
I ordered it… then did the research on it and regretted it. Everyone said it wasn’t worth the money and it probably isn’t but it’s kind of cute.

alt text

alt text

alt text

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alt text

We have nights that we don’t focus on games or TV or anything in particular anyway but this gives something to do that’s different.

A co-worker asked if I could make cupcakes for her son’s birthday.
I CAN’T TELL PEOPLE NO. I suck. I don’t want to… but I said yeah if she gave me some detail. But I mean… I’m not doing it for free?? I don’t want to be mean about it either but she doesn’t make great money.... (she’s a temp and she CHOOSES not to work full time) and I know she struggles with money so it would just be so much cheaper for her to buy cake box mix and do it herself. But she wants me to do them. I’ll be fair. I mean I won’t upcharge her but I would need to buy all new ingredients because I don’t have anything. If I tell her a price, she probably wouldn’t have me do them.

Idk but I’m slacking so I have to go.

BeautifulMess_ June 17, 2020

My boyfriend's been thinking about buying a bike himself lol... how funny. I can't ride so I'm no help to the situation smh.

DE_mkately June 17, 2020

DO NOT BUY A CRUISER!! I bought one cuz it was cute and it's so much harder than walking, I never ride it (Although my brother had a terrible bike accident where he prob would have had brain damage or died if he wasn't wearing a helmet and now i'm afraid of bikes haha. WEAR A HELMET even for just around town!!). It's probably worth spending a bit more on a nice mountain bike with gears because it'll be easier to ride and you will actually use it.

Date night box is kinda cute.

Upcharge the shit out of her and she'll say no... lol.

Empire of Lights DE_mkately ⋅ June 18, 2020

Oh that's so scary about your brother!
Yeah we were looking at the mountain bikes with the gears over a cruiser. Good to know about that!

^..^Kat June 25, 2020

Biking is a HUGE thing in my town, not for me, I'm fat. But, I had jokingly said something to one of my friends that bikes about having spent $3,000.00 on his bike. I was VERY underpriced. He spent closer to $6,000.00 and that's not even the top one.

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