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  • June 16, 2020, 3:30 p.m.
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How terrible is that “Watermelon Sugar” song? I can’t stand it. It’s on the verge of being “How To Save A Life” terrible.

Yall. I’m not even engaged and I already know the venue I wanna book. I found it. I researched it. I love it. I have so many ideas and plans that I wish I could just start executing. I’M SORRY GUYS. I have wedding fever. Not baby fever yet… just wedding fever. My (other) BFF doesn’t help because she keeps bringing it up. I know she’s been in contact with Andy regarding a ring. Andy did not tell me so. She won’t give me any other details.

I’m freezing. My boss set the AC to 71 in here. I’m a 75 girl if I need AC. I feel bad complaining about it though because the warehouse people don’t even have air.

We made tacos last night.
I just want chicken and some veggies. But we’re having leftovers tonight. Salad tomorrow. Then chicken and veggies.

We are going out for dinner on Saturday for Father’s day for Andy. (To a safe restaurant…) I wanted to bake something for him with his daughter on Saturday morning but I don’t know what. I want something simple. I’m still recovering from all the baking I’ve done recently… and I have a lot coming up. I honestly just want to cheat and buy bag mix of cookies. Can you mix different types? Can I mix chocolate chip cookie mix with peanut butter cookie mix? Lol. Or add reeses pieces or m&ms to the chocolate chip mix. Idk. Maybe I’ll just make a giant chocolate chip cookie cake thing and make a peanut butter frosting. She can help and then decorate it.
How do I even make a giant cookie without burning the sides? I never made one.

We’re having a cook out at work on Friday. Just with the work people. They went out and got a grill today. I want to have a cook out with families and stuff but....... covid is out here ruining life.

I know Andy really wants to meet my co-workers. I’ve met his last year at the Christmas party. Well no. I take that back. I met his old co-workers and now he has two new ones that hes close to… and I’d like to meet them. I don’t like them already but I’d like to meet them. (They never come to work. They miss at least one day a week. It’s ridiculous and makes Andy’s life harder.)

Idk. I’m just wasting time to be honest but I’m going to go bug my co-workers now bye.

Aislinn June 16, 2020


Cookie sounds good. How could any of those things be wrong?

Lunchbox June 16, 2020

Honestly the bagged peanut butter cookie mix with Reese's pieces mixed in are so good. I made those with my daughter once and we loved them.

DE_mkately June 16, 2020

I do NOT know how to make a big cookie without burning, thats a good point!

Plans sound nice for fathers day...dinner out will feel so special!

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