trying for a baby in ?

  • June 16, 2020, 12:28 p.m.
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My husband came home from his friends after the flood went down. The water was up to the tires but good news didnt damage our truck.

He called me while he was at work give me a list of things he needed for dinner. Last night he cooked steak with sauteed mushrooms on top with melted cheese. It was so good. I got my belly full and tried to fall asleep to discover my husband wanted to fool around. He made the comment he might cook steak for me everytime he wants to have sex. I told him dont ruin a good steak for me. Rarely does he cook us dinner. My husband is an amazing cook.

Today is my day off. My husband works till 7:30. I was debating on going shopping instead i am going to watch netflix and take a nap. After I finish Fuller House i got to find a new tv show to binge watch.. any good ones you can suggest?

So my husband and I decided since we been in a relationship since 2013 we decided to try for a kid. Is there anything i need to know before getting pregnant that i will hate? I am really fond of energy drinks I know if I am pregnant i need to stop that habit. Any advice or life hacks i can use while pregnant or as a future mom?

DE_mkately June 16, 2020

You are not going to like the list of things that can harm a baby prenatally.. lol. Raw eggs, raw fish, lunchmeat (unless heated), fish that have high levels of mercury, soft cheeses all come to mind. Also, stay away from cat litter. And of course drugs and alcohol.

When I teach about this in class, I usually talk about how... yes people sometimes do these things and everything turns out fine, but if it were me, I'd be careful because if something could go wrong, I know I'd blame myself on doing whatever I did that was potentially harmful.

Good luck on your quest, that is so so exciting!

Foofah June 16, 2020

Best of luck! My Husband and I have been trying since February.

*_* Foofah ⋅ June 17, 2020

i hope you find yourself pregnant soon.

Whiskie June 26, 2020

Have you seen Good Girls or Space Force? It's good dramedy series.

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