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  • June 16, 2020, 3:05 a.m.
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So it is done.

drug grandson has two days of freedom left. He goes to police station on Thursday to make admissions, and they’re arresting him, or they’ll arrest him anyway.

drug cousin is in the same boat.

Got more footage of them this afternoon with faces exposed. Police went to their house and talked to them, the police then got back in their car and came straight here… They had a chat to Mr B who showed them the footage, while drug grandson and his cousin stood at a car right out front of our place, “chatting”

Police went back and gave them the orders to turn up on Thursday.

I really wish they hadn’t done that.

Now drugmum will probably go off her trolley later and go berserk at me when she feels like it… She’s like a brain injury person, no self control, and when she wants to go, she’ll go.

At least I have Rex…

But I’m going out all day tomorrow to my elder’s house, I’m helping with yard work and she wants us over for lunch… But I don’t want to leave Rex home alone…

Oh yeah the oven died, and landlord drove past me yesterday, he slowed right down and was staring at me when I was in the yard.

I broke one of my new nails when I was in the temple of doom as well.

I emailed the property manager, reporting it all and I asked again for a discount in rent…

She hasn’t replied and oh look it’s just gone 5pm!


And life in the ghetto continues…

Oh look, some other drugmum just got busted…


Now I just need acacia bark to help with my global domination plans…

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