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  • June 15, 2020, 5:22 p.m.
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as an aboriginal woman I’m a little confused right now

Why are aboriginal people defying lockdowns and quarantines to gather at mass protests, outdoors with serious amounts of people in a limited space when they were trying so hard to diminish the spread of the virus to indigenous communities and risk infecting elders so hard?

Why does this all seem to be forgotten in an instant and they’re jumping on a political bandwagon, as per usual, do they even understand what the protests are about?

Now is not the time.

OK, it was reconciliation week when all hell broke out with George Floyd, but we have to understand that it happened in a totally different country, with a totally different police force… America is a totally different country, if something like that happened in a country like Mexico, would Australians have reacted the same?

When things have happened in other parts of the world the reaction was pretty mild.

I was sitting with one of my very sick elders last night and I was chatting about these bizarre protests, and she says, they are, aren’t they?

She was in bed, she now has clots in her leg, she has one lung, just had a full hysterectomy and they’re taking part of her bowel soon, and the cancer is now attacking her spine…

I couldn’t give a stuff about these protests. If black lives matter so much, why aren’t they saving lives and staying at home or away from each other until we can get this thing under control or have come up with a vaccine?

I’m still social distancing and self isolating because I promised her. Black lives matter to me, but the lives of my family and my tribe.

There’s so much that can be done in so many other ways, I just don’t understand this, and I dont understand why, right now?

I mean screaming at the police and beating them up isn’t going to get anywhere, defacing statues, they’re doing that here now too, why can’t we have more indigenous or black representation within the police force? Especially at leadership or senior executive positions?

Why can’t we have more indigenous liaison officers, not even sworn police, that can help train, consult and break up the institutionalised racism from within?

Why can’t we change our education system to teach more aboriginal culture and make it more visible within primary education and beyond and start teaching children younger to behave better, so as they grow up and participate more in the world they have greater tolerance and will stand up and be counted when a work place goes racist.

I think black lives matter protests aren’t actually a progressive way forward at all. They’re super reactive and dangerous.

We need to keep people healthy.

And get over the whole “angry blackperson” stereotype. Yeah I get angry about racism and prejudice, sometimes it just comes from sheer arrogance but it’s also miseducation…

But maybe, I only think like this because of how much I have invested in my own education…

But I’m not very happy about any of this.

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