the flood in ?

  • June 15, 2020, 12:17 a.m.
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My husband Talan went to his friend Scott and Patch’s house for a weekend visit but due to rain all of Oakhill is flooded. Scott and Patch’s first vehicle has been flooded out. They are kind of trapt on a plateau. So far to my knowledge our truck is safe for now.. idk how much longer that will be true. Scott, Patch, Talan and the kids are stuck in the house. They really wish Scott had a row boat. Talan is unable to go to work tomorrow till the flood drops. He will have to call in due to flooding.

I have been staying in Daniels. Due to me working I was unable to stay a weekend visit at Scott and Patch’s I feel fortunate our mobile home is on a high elevation out of the flood zone. I feel so fortunate to have my car because i am unsure whether the truck will survive the damage in Oakhill. I guess we will see if Talan will not be washed away in the stream.

I work 10 am-4 so i guess i better get some sleep..

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