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  • June 14, 2020, 6:18 p.m.
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Drug car guy and ice girl. Haven’t seen them in months. At about 10pm drug car guy was standing outside my house, they were walking along like they do, but he stopped to yell at my house. icegirl always with the greater level of maturity tells him to stop and to keep going…

I haven’t seen him in ever so long. I thought they must have found a new way to walk in between their drug deals and had learnt to leave me alone.

Maybe something is starting to happen to them all.

drugcar guy didn’t look particularly happy with me.

Mr B spent yesterday afternoon at the police station with a 7 minute video, of drugbikers at drughouse, police were very interested in it. I didn’t realise until after that he was filming them and im ranting about, how bad the cops are, in another two years we are still going to be doing this and where will we be with it all… I’m ranting what idiots the drug dealers are and how come they think they’re so untouchable, will someone in the nsw police please explain this to me? What stupid excuse is the police prosecution going to come up with next about why they still can’t do anything? Is drug granny still paying them off?

Then I rant about being in the wrong line of work and I shoulda taken up the family trade and I might have actually got somewhere with my life, obviously this crew seem to be coming into the money… Maybe I’ve gone about my whole life wrong all these years…

Oh well, I guess they can just mute the video if it ever gets played in court. But I doubt it. I mean I doubt it will be taken to court… And in another two years we’re still going to be making these reports on exactly the same people…

I really would be surprised if we ever do get anywhere.

Trailer load of crap seems to have been emptied in the middle of the night?

Where’s my subsidised house? Where’s my cheap rent and secure home?

Maybe I am going about it all wrong after all.

Mr B wants to go to Dimitri’s for breakfast. I don’t want to go cos I haven’t started the baby blanket yet and I know his mum will be super keen to see my progress.

Oh well, maybe he can go without me.

But Mr B is sick of my friends hitting on him. Especially the gay ones…

Maybe I’ll go tomorrow

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