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  • June 13, 2020, 9:01 p.m.
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Mr B is currently watching fishing shows on tv.

Rex is laying at my feet, but he keeps licking my ankles and biting my heels. He’s strange.

Yesterday dirt bikes went crazy, we called them all in, then the cars went crazy, two dirt bikers went absolutely flying down our street followed by a Holden station wagon, straight through the intersection and stop signs like you couldn’t believe. Mr B rang the station, the police were chasing them but they took off, where did they go? If you see or hear them again to ring straight back.

5 minutes later, the bikes were over near the hospital. We called again.

I need to be put on the payroll for this shit.

Went to bed, too tired for dinner, Mr B had made a chicken stew. But I fell asleep in my clothes.

It rained so heavy right throughout the night. I haven’t heard rain that heavy in years. It was blissful. I hope it’s soaking right into the ground. At the beginning of the year my friend’s bore was completely dry…

In the morning, sun was shining. I watched my fave cartoons on NITV. I like inuk, a little kids cartoon about these Inuit kids in a village, the boy has the ability to talk to animals because he wears an amulet given to him by a goddess, and it’s just about what these kids get up too.

Then I watched “Welcome to Wapos Bay” the stop motion cartoon about Indian kids living on a reservation in Canada. I like the humour in it, and I know some of the actors from other shows like Corner Gas and Northern Exposure.

Then I wanted McDonald’s, because Dimitris is closed on Sunday… Then we went to the chemist, and next door the nail parlour was open, so I got a shelac Manicure. I got teal cos it’s winter here and the teal is really nice.

Then we went to the car wash bay and came home.

drugfamily are pulling it right in, this week they’ve really withdrawn inside. The ute with the trailer full of crap hasn’t moved at all, wouldn’t it be nice if the police asked drugmum where she was dumping it all?

I wonder if they’ve arrested the drugrunner on the yellow and white dirt bike that caused that accident and took off on the police, and walked around the street with a large parcel tucked under his jersey… Wouldn’t that just make my day?

Now its sunny, I might take Rex for a bush walk… But the ground is still kinda muddy… And I take him out in the car… Maybe after the hour of the sun, I’ll think about it…

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