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  • June 12, 2020, 9 p.m.
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Looked at the house yesterday.

It was crap. It was really small, like a shack thing, but the neighbour was so close, you could pass a cup of tea through the windows.

The place was still tenanted and the bloke, big mining type guy went and stood with the neighbor in the yard watching everyone inspect the place.

Neighbor was also a big fat mining bloke, long beard, stood there with his arms folded watching everyone with a really dead look on his face… So yeah generally hostile body language… Why weren’t they at work?, well neighbour, at least. Did they take the afternoon off just to glare at everyone?

There were easily 20 people there at the viewing. I went through first. I didn’t even want to go in… But Mr B wanted to have a sticky, we came all this way…

In the car on the way home I said the neighbour I didn’t like. If you were working away during the week again, like last year, I don’t want to live next door to a bloke like that. I’m not ordinary or average looking and it causes problems everywhere I go… Women get nasty and blokes go stupid and I have had enough.

Mr. B noticed he had a pig hunting dog and the fences were crap. Rex is a German shepherd, but he’s too nice to live next door to that.

Oh well, the search continues.

Came home went to Pub. It was raining so we put Rex in the back of the house.

Got home.

Rex was in lounge room.

He’s figured out how to open doors now.

But he hadn’t touched a thing. He likes shoes, and he chews holes in socks. He carries things around and drops them all over the place, like lounge cushions or other odd things

But he hadn’t touched anything!

He’s come such a long way already in a few short months…

This morning is super quiet.

Yesterday got bad, dirt bikes, a horrible car cruising around watching drug house without number plates…

When we went to the pub there was a riot cop fully kitted out just walking down the main road. Just the one. He went into a house next to the gas station and knocked on the door…


Dunno what he was up too…

Pub was busy. It was nice, had a couple of beers and came home.

Today is dreamily quiet. Only two cars at drug house, the black jeep and the silver rodeo fully laden with crap, with trailer also fully laden with crap. Mr B said to the police the other day I don’t know what tips are open between midnight and 6am… They said if you see drug mum driving it get photos or footage of her please… But since that convo car and trailer haven’t moved… Why can’t her drug family help her do tip runs, there’s so many of them over ALL the time… But I guess they’re just not that way inclined.

It’s midday, I’m still in bed.

I should get up soon.

I can’t be bothered.

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