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  • June 11, 2020, 5:26 a.m.
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are you a whiner or a complainer?

People who just whine, make a lot of noise, but when push comes to shove they don’t have a lot to say at all, they’ll whine like none other until the cows come home but when they’re called upon, no where to be seen.

Complainers, who are legitimately complaining, want something done about it and will contribute to making a difference.

You’re probably of the understanding by now which of these I am.

Now, on facebook a little while ago, in the community page, was a whiner. Somedude wrote this massive long post about a Dirtbiker that nearly caused a great big humongous accident. Called him out in detail and told him exactly what he thought of him.

I, as Mr B, sent somedude a message, about what to do, what’s going on and the more people we get reporting them the more momentum we’re getting in the valley and get to the core of the problem (subtle swipe at fuckfaces that live across the street).

Somedude totally ignored me.

That’d be right.

So Mr B went to police station. They love our footage, they want more, keep doing it.

Our footage of drugmate actually was what led to his arrest and why he had bail refused so the magistrate could see what a problem it was. It’s also lead to the arrests of others.

They’ve got quite a lot mounting ats drugfamily but they were being rather tight lipped.

I feel much better.

You know how many whiners there are in this town, whining about the bikes and cars and how awful they are…

But WTF have they actually done, to stop it from happening?

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