Kitty tooth removal, taking medicind advice in ?

  • June 10, 2020, 4:48 a.m.
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So Ziggy our siamese black cat who is 7 years got in a fight with Ash our russian blue tuxedo cat who is 1 year old. Ziggy lost this battle because i had to take him to get his tooth pulled by the vet. Ziggy after the vet was sluggish and pitiful. $91 later he was so messed up on meds when Mom’s dog Chloe kissed him Ziggy gave a confused look like Chloe the dog is the ugliest cat he ever saw! I busted out laughing. Chloe has been raised to believe all cats are her friends. Ziggy hates all dogs i feared he was going to beat Chloe but due to surgery Ziggy really didnt care. Mom took my stoned kitty back to my house so i could go back to work.

Ziggy got his tooth pulled monday by Tuesday when we tried to give him antibiotics he tried to scratch me and my husband. Ziggy hates medicine and i doubt he would accept it in catfood. Any advice how to trick smart cats to take medicine? I fear without the antibiotic Ziggy might get sick again.

Foofah June 10, 2020

Pill pocket treats work well with us. Worst case scenario we swaddle our cats, open their mouth and try to drop it as far into their throat as possible and then hold their mouth shut and run the bottom of their neck until they swallow. Our vet told us that rubbing the bottom of their neck causes a swallowing reflex. You could also see if the vet has it available in liquid form and syringe it in.

Rivercity June 10, 2020

Yes, my daughter just went through this. Good luck! One thing she learned, sadly, is that just putting the drug in the food and hoping for the best doesn’t work well. It just seems to take.practice, though. (See methods described above.) Her cat’s fine, now.

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