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  • June 9, 2020, 9:27 a.m.
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I’m excited for this week but I just feel like it’s going to fly by.

I have the balance of today, and tomorrow for work. Today is okay… I guess it’s quiet enough for me to play some catch up. Tomorrow will be busy being I’ll have to do paperwork for the two days I’m gone.

Thursday… we’re doing my garage landscaping. I’m so excited to get it done. Not exactly excited to do it. But I’ve only been saying it’s my goal for the past 6 years. This year IT’S HAPPENING. And I’m happy it’s happening with Andy. He’s never had to do a landscaping project so he’s in for a treat.
I’m assuming it’ll take all day. I have extra side projects if it doesn’t… like scrubbing the driveway cement because IT’S DIRTY. I was supposed to power wash it but never did. I did buy a cleaner to spray on it but then you have to scrub it. Hopefully that works. Eventually when my mom gets her pressure washer, I’ll just borrow that.

Friday… we’re supposed to be taking a day trip somewhere. I know ONE place we’re going but I told him I wanted more. I want more adventure. To do something new, see something different. He told me yesterday he’s been researching places but he won’t tell me. I love that. Usually I have to do the planning. I’m happy I don’t have to. I don’t know what else is happening but all I do know is… Friday is our day. No work, no body else, no TV or video games. Just us.

Saturday… I’m sure I’ll finish working on whatever project didn’t get done on Thursday. My sister is having a movie night. She bought an outdoor projector and a giant screen. She got a popcorn machine, nachos, pretzels, candies. All the junk you can get at a normal theater. She’s playing Up. I want to go. I don’t know if Andy does but I hope he does. I’ll still head over there either way.

Sunday I’m sure will be a typical Sunday. The “resting” day = video games all day. I feel like that’s where Andy and I are opposite. He wanted to take off work for no reason but to rest. I wanted to take off work to get a million projects done or go somewhere. So I’ll let him have Saturday/Sunday. Lol.
I just feel like we’ve been locked in the house so much lately. I can’t do it anymore. I mean........ we still go to work but still.

You don’t really realize EVERYTHING there is to do....until there’s nothing to do. Everyone always complains there’s “nothing to do around here” but man. All the festivals, all the fairs, all the events. There’s so much canceled now.

Oh. The reason I was asking about the wedding thing the other entry. Like I said, I do generally just enjoy wedding talk. I love hearing about different wants/wishes but a recent conversation with Andy got me really thinking about what I wanted more. Because long story short… he has some long distance friends that he just confirmed he’d like to invite. He mentioned something about maybe having it at a hotel. I told him there would be one hotel I’d be interested in.... maybe… but then I looked it up and man. I just don’t think I want a hotel type wedding reception. (Note: the small close family/friends destination wedding will still 100% happen. This is for the at home reception that everyone is invited to). I hate the old hotels with the ugly bold patterned carpets. The newer “fancy”hotels are just too fancy. I like the look but I don’t need/want the sit down fancy dinners with foods I can barely pronounce. Haha. There’s a lot of pros and cons and we’ll have to discuss them more seriously you know........... when we’re actually engaged -_-.


This site reminded me that a year ago, I was bitching about BFF and her wedding planning. I was telling her to book a hall at least being we were 6 months out and she was telling me that I worry too much. I told her that we were behind schedule and things needed to get started. She said she could plan it all within two months and we’ll be fine. Hahaha. What a shit show. All of it. I mean, it was her dream wedding so kudos to her. I have no idea what any of the photos look like because I don’t get to see them. Hopefully she likes them.

Anyway. I should go finish up some work.

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