broke my knuckles, we were almost ran over and my car broke down in ?

  • June 7, 2020, 11:05 p.m.
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Today my car broke down, i almost got ran over, i broke my knuckles but hey i saved a life.

I wanted to go to The Great Googly Moogly when is a gem stone store in Fayetteville,WV. I bought gas when I wouldnt turn over only clicked. Talan came over tried to jump the motor. I told him lets clean the terminals to the battery they must be dirty or maybe a terminal needs replaced. He wanted me to pay for a tow truck. We argued about whether my brother Tom could fix it or not. Talan wiggled the terminals the battery started i followed Talan home instead turning the car off i drove to mom’s to use her garage. Tom agreed it was the terminal. He replaced it and it started no problems.

While Tom was in the middle of fixing it his mother in law called he couldnt move the car blocking mom’s truck that Tom drives He decided to move mom’s van. I told him give me a minute i will get Chloe the chiweenie who had her leash tangeled around moms tire. Tom kept arguing with me not realizing he ran over her lead. Chloe was stuck her head inches closer to the tire. I screamed at him to stop. He argued with me. I was afraid he was going to run me over while i was trying take Chloe off the leash. I begged him to stop. I started cussing punching the van door in threatening him. He parked the car to walk up to see the tire inches from Chloe’s head. Her harness slipped off her body when she tried to run i caught her crying. Tom screamed he only needed to move the car a few inches. I asked him to what crush the damn dogs head in? I threatened to punch Tom’s teeth down is throat. Tucking the dog under my arm i swung my other fist at his face he was running from me.Tears rolling down my eyes I carried the trembling Chloe in the house. My mother knew something was up when I told Tom he was a motherfucker and told her get ready to pay my bail I am beating your son! He appologized to mom for almost running her dog over. I screamed at him asking why didnt he listen? I told him he was an asshole! Mom thanked me for saving her dog. Tom swore he had no idea i kept screaming stop Chloe is under the wheel he screamed no until I lost my temper and broke my knuckles bending dents in the door of mom’s van.

After my hands heal on my day off I will need to pull the dents out of my mom’s van. She saw the dents and was suprised how many dents I placed across her door. I appologized to her. I just panicked so i kept punching. I broke a few knuckles. I won’t go to the doctor if i dont have to..yes they hurt but God knows i cant afford a medical bill.

I drove mom around a bit to test the car. I picked up her mail and tried to leave she wanted me to stay. I spend my entire day with her instead of my plans of fixing my broke front door. I wanted to cry because I never get to do what i need/want because I am caring for my mother. I dont mind caring for her i just wish she realize I have other things to do as well.

Today I went to buy a fan at the Dollar General the cashier a ditzy 19 year old that I have formed a bit of a friendship with she accidentally dropped the razor blade out of her box cutter and didnt know how to fix it. Not thinking I said give it to me I will fix it. She handed to me i put it back together and handed it safely back to her. It wasn’t until i paid my fan i thought how fortunate she was that she got an honest person in her line. Someone could have took advantage of that moment and robbed her with her own box cutter. I am not that evil but I hope she will someday think things through so she stays safe. I value her to much to allow her to ever get hurt. I hope she will stay safe. She is nice to talk to.

I am trying to decide whether to call in or not. I work 12-8:30 but my poor kitty Ziggy has an abcessed tooth that needs to be looked at by a vet. I might ask my mommy if she could take my Ziggy to the vet while i work. I didnt know about his dental issues till this weekend and his vet isnt open till Monday. I really fear the price but being sure my Ziggy is healthy makes it worth it. I adopted him my beautiful black cat from the Humane Society in 2014.. He is my favorite kitty.. ssh dont tell the others! I need to be sure he is okay.

I was really hoping to pay the power bill but i guess I will have to take that money and pay for Ziggy. I am seriously debating on getting a second job. I am tired of struggling the way i do.

You know my dad died in December 2018. I still look at the door to the next room expecting him to enter it. I know he is gone but where he was there with me my entire life my brain isnt willing to accept yet he is gone. We had our problems but obviously i still really do love my dad. I always had a dream he would see grandkids but a heart attack took him away from me. If you still have your dad hug him and say you love him. You never know when he might pass on. I miss you daddy. God here I am crying. I guess i better try to sleep. maybe tomorrow will be good for something.

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Purple Dawn June 07, 2020

It sounds like you had a pretty rotten day. I'm sorry.

Kristi1971 June 08, 2020

Yes, that's just too much yuck in one day. I hope today is much better.

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