I love productive days! in 2020

  • June 6, 2020, 3:43 p.m.
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First - thanks for all the comments on the last entry. I will respond soon. 🙂
I love reading about people’s wedding. Maybe because I’m itching to start planning mine but I need patience because there’s no ring yet. One of these days (hopefully) but not yet. (The other day he said something really nerdy and I looked at him and he said, “babe you married a..” stopped himself and finished “are going to marry a real nerd.”)


But we had another productive day and I love it.
Went and got all the shopping done for the landscape project next week (which needed to be done in two trips because his car couldn’t carry all that weight). Got the grass mowed, weeds pulled, lawn watered, his hair cut, washed all the windows inside and out and did two loads of laundry.

I brought some cement cleaner spray I was going to do also but decided to save it for tomorrow.

He’s showering now.
Then my turn. I’m so excited to shower. I need one of those deep cleaning showers. Sugar scrub, face mask, hair mask, hour long process type shower.

We turned the air off for some nice 60 degree windows open weather ❤️

He’ll probably play some Final Fantasy.
I’m gonna start on a painting my mom wanted me to do for her.
We’re making shrimp tacos with spicy jalapeño coleslaw for din.

DE_mkately June 06, 2020

It was 80 and humid today here and i almost passed out rescuing horseshoe crabs! Im jealous!

cryingshame June 08, 2020

You guys sound cute! I read your last entry but I'm honestly the worst at weddings. Seriously just do you. Mine was the least interactive option as possible in Vegas. Our witness didn't even say hi.

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