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  • June 4, 2020, 4:17 a.m.
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My husband tried to romance me earlier. I got out of the shower looked in the mirror and saw the roundness of my stomach. My husband doesnt mind but I do. He like me is attempting to self improve. His exercise is weight lifting. I decided to belly dance today watching it from the tubitv phone app. Where we have no air conditioner only fans i decided exercising nude it wasnt a big deal. When my husband realised my intention he layed on the bed with the biggest smile on his face watching me. He would have thought he opened a Christmas present. He was watching the woman on my phone giving me directions how to correct what I was doing wrong. He was rooting me on even when i wanted to quit because i felt insecure of all my fat jiggling. I had 10 minutes more. I felt i was going to die. My husband said it was okay to quit. I didnt want to quit because i deserve to feel beautiful again. My husband told me he likes nude belly dancing and if i plan to continue exercising like this let him watch. At least someone enjoyed theirselves. Obviously for me I should have stuck with Fuller House. My stomach wouldnt hurt if I just watched the tv show!

Today I took Talan to his friends house. This man was a mechanic till his landlord gave him a 48 hour notice to move everything. Sadly he just lost his business. Talan was hoping this guy would fix my fan belt,oil change and other things. I told Talan his prices are high and he ignored me. Talan wants to repaint my police car from white to another color. $3,000 for a paint job I will pass I only paid $3,000 for the car! I will skip the paint job i will simply stick stickers on it so people are sure an officer isnt driving it. For that price I dont care about the scratches.

Today Talan mowed the grass. I bought him gatorade for him. gas for the mower. It looked tons better after what little bit of work he did. Talan still hasnt fixed the lock he broke trying to get in the door after he locked himself out while I was at work. After the door is locked I need to hide him a key so he wont hulk smash my door again. I wish he keep up with his keys better.

I really wish I could afford an air conditioner but I got more important bills to pay..night everyone

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