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  • June 3, 2020, 9:36 a.m.
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I’m not a HUGE user, as in - I don’t engage much. I don’t post a ton. I don’t have a lot of friends. I don’t comment on a bunch of stuff. I like things here and there but that’s mostly it.
I do log on a lot though. I scroll through multiple times a day.

With the way the world is today… Trump being the president, COVID, and now the protests/looting. Facebook is a terrible place to be. Seriously. You see one positive post to 90 negative ones. You see an inspirational post about love and acceptance and it’s amazing. But then you scroll down to get knocked off your little cloud of happiness. I see more racist posts now than I ever saw before. I see people (still) arguing about Trump. I see people fighting and complaining about the restaurants “social distancing”, etc. Arguments about wear masks / don’t wear masks. Arguments about anything and everything.

No one is ever happy.
And it’s exhausting.

I have so many people muted to be point of logging on and sometimes only seeing 5-10 new posts from a travel page I follow (and I don’t even travel so it just makes me jealous, lol). Actually some of you on my FB would really like this page so if you want me to invite you, let me know. It’s a great page.

Anyway. I don’t know. It’s just a sad world right now and I want things to get better. I want all people to be treated fairly. I want more love, less hate.

If I ever wanted to get rid of FB, now would be the time. Who knows.

Oh. Speaking of FB though.
You know all the story of (ex)BFF. The one that just got married in January. I haven’t talked to her since the week after her wedding. She snapped me, I asked her a bunch of questions and she ignored me so I stopped trying. Anyway. We’ll still “friends” on all social media. She is petty to the point where she doesn’t view my Snapchat stories. She never “likes” any posts I make (I’ve still liked hers but she doesn’t post much).

Anyway. A mutual friend of ours group messaged us along with another girl telling us about something in her family. I responded. Ex-bff read it right away and didn’t respond. It’s been a day and she hasn’t responded to the group message.... she messaged her privately. (We used to group message a fair bit with this group of girls).

That’s petty, isn’t it? I mean. At this point, if she can’t even reply TO OUR FRIEND in a group message because I’m in there, why even be any sort of contact on social media? I usually never delete people from my FB but I am almost tempted. Clearly the friendship is over.
If she thinks this is going to be like the last times we were “fighting” and didn’t talk for a year then she’s wrong. We’re not teenagers anymore. I’m sad to lose her as a friend but she’s not a good friend and I don’t need that.
I want to fill my life with more happiness (obviously I’m on this mission for happy! Lol).

I know she’s sitting over there thinking that this all happened because I got into a relationship but that’s so far from the truth. My relationship has me craving for MORE friends. I’m closer to other bff now after getting into a relationship… because she’s always had my back. She’s HAPPY for me that I’m happy. She’s always supported me and supported us. She’s never once judged me when I was dating . She never once gave me these “friend requirements” that I NEED to kick him out once a month so she can come over for “girl time”. It’s just… too much.

But anyway.

I have this week and Monday-Wednesday of next week left of work then a 4 day weekend. We’re doing the landscaping thing on Thursday then we want to go for a day trip. Anyone have good suggestions for a day trip near central/ SE Wisconsin?
I want to go to New Glarus but I don’t even think the brewery is open - Covid.
Yeah. I just double checked and their little patio/ “biergarten” is closed for the summer. Sad. I loved that place. So chances are we won’t be able to take a day trip to go IN anywhere, but sights? We thought about door county but want to go there for a night in Fall. Maybe I’ll be really ambitious and make it a multiple sight road trip thing. BUT YEAH if any of you WI folks have suggestions, please send!

Anyway I really should go get some work done.
Hope you all are being safe.
Hope you are all well.
Hope you all are HAPPY.


SilentEcho June 03, 2020

There's no time better than now.

cryingshame June 06, 2020

I completely agree with everything you are saying about FB! I've thought about deleting my FB but I still use it for messenger so I probably won't.

The ex friend sounds pretty toxic, you definitely don't need people like that in your life.

Stay safe!

JustSurviveSomehow June 07, 2020

Tons to do in Milwaukee. Breweries. Museum tours. Bradford Beach is a nice place to hang out. But I guess I'm not sure how much is open down there either with all the social distancing stuff.

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