Finally in A restart

  • June 1, 2020, 5:10 a.m.
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Seems like things are finally under control here in Minneapolis.

It seems like it’s a lot of these antifa types coming from outside of the city that are causing trouble, or like the chief in Houston said, little white dudes with their skateboards from the suburbs are causing trouble while the people in the city who are really affected don’t want them here.

Anyway, it was more or less quiet downtown last night. There were some large protests to the south a bit, but they dispersed them and that was mostly it for the night.

It’s apparent that the bad people are using the good people as cover. You can see it on TV, somebody runs up and throws a rock or a bottle and then runs back behind the larger group again. There have been a lot of videos of someone breaking something and the real protestors telling them to knock it off. They usually slink off after that because they are cowards.

That stuff makes me really proud of the city, that the honest protestors are policing the situation internally, they aren’t there to be violent. There was a guy who drove a truck through a crowd today (nobody was hurt I guess) and a lot of the people in the crowd were protecting him because if he got pummeled it would hurt their cause. That’s it, you know? Protecting their enemy from harm because it’s the right thing to do. That’s how we break cycles.

That’s how the civil rights movement won in the 60s isn’t it? They didn’t loot or burn things, and people were sympathetic to their cause as a result. I hope that happens this time too.

We did a grocery trip today and dropped it all off in one of the affected areas. Unfortunately these idiots have burned and looted a lot of the grocery stores people need in these neighborhoods.

This is just what I am seeing here in my city, but don’t believe what you are seeing on the news. They only show the worst or what fits the viewpoint they are pushing. It’s not really the POCs mostly trashing the city here and setting things on fire. It’s not the people marching in the daytime. Of course some people are just followers and are easily led and get caught up in the situation, some people are ne’er do wells, but there are other people showing up from the suburbs or outside the city trying to inflame this situation.

We can beat them if we respond by loving each other more and coming together, you know? If their attempts to inflame all this strife don’t work and end up achieving the opposite. That is what we need.

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