Riot Day 5 in A restart

  • May 30, 2020, 9:36 p.m.
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Unfortunately the city and state still don’t have the violence and destruction under control, but maybe tonight they will get the situation in Minneapolis quelled.

We live downtown, and the streets here are quiet for the moment, but there are reports of troublemakers in another part of the city and large numbers coming in from out of state.

Something is different the last two nights, there was a legitimate protest about the awful thing that happened to Mr. Floyd but now it’s a Portland style Antifa riot. I haven’t seen any right-wing people here. I have seen “abolish capitalism” signs and such. Not saying they aren’t here, just what I have seen. And people from both sides of course want to appear to be from the other side when they’re tearing things up so who knows.

Police have said that a lot of people are calling in false reports to 911 to keep authorities blind, so you can’t trust what’s going out in the news or on twitter as being real.

So much sadness. The honest protestors who care about what happened are squelched by looters and terrorists, fire starters and rock-throwers. So many businesses, minority owned businesses, minority neighborhoods, taking the brunt of all this.

Humvees are rolling around the city. National Guard soldiers deployed in much higher numbers today, it appears. Helicopters are flying around everywhere. Sirens have been non-stop for days.

I hope justice is swift and severe for those police, but this is wrong.

Last updated May 30, 2020

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