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  • May 29, 2020, 10:56 a.m.
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There’s just something about getting random messages from boy during the day.

“I love you so much. I could never tell / show you that enough”

So many hearts.

He had a rough night. I made him take some fried rice to work yesterday for lunch because we didn’t make dinner so there wasn’t anything for him to take. We had Chinese on Tuesday and he had left over rice that he didn’t touch. It wasn’t super old. He said he didn’t want to but I told him he’d prob be hungry so he did. And he ate it. He left work a few hours early because he didn’t feel great. He ended up puking later in the night. A whole bunch. But I think that was it. He felt a little better after it and today he’s okay. He’s at work. I stopped on my way home from work yesterday and got “bland” food for him. He didn’t eat anything yesterday but he took some crackers to work for lunch. He’s too scared to eat them though. Lol.

I think he’ll be okay.

It’ll be another early night tonight. We were in bed before 10pm last night but I was up from 4-6. Of course I fall asleep at 6 when I have to wake up at 6:20. Lame.

We have his daughter this weekend. We don’t really have anything planned because you can’t really do anything now days. I’m going to work in the yard… that’s about it.
I’m REALLY nervous about it but I want to start painting the “mural” on my garage. I don’t even know what I’m doing quite yet. Maybe not a mural… maybe I’ll just throw a few flowers on there. I found some door/shutter paint at Michaels. Originally $18 each (for not a large amount) - it was sale for $5. I got three different colors. It was slim pickings. No green… but a yellow and blue so maybe I can make my own. I do think I need better brushes though.

I dooooooooooo want to go for a walk down by the lake. I don’t know though. There’s been a crazy amount of violence (shootings) in my city and I hate it. Makes me almost feel unsafe. I just don’t understand it. Why? It isn’t in protest of anything (but don’t even get me started on all that’s happening in MN. My heart hurts so much for it all).

I was talking to Andy a little bit about future plans. He works about 45 minutes away. I work 10 minutes away. He hates his commute some days and I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t like it. I asked him if he liked his job to base moving closer to it… and he said yes. A year ago he was ready to quit.
We talked about moving before too… because his family is about 35 minutes away from my house so we thought it would be fair to move in the middle. I’m in the same city as my family. Moving away only means 20 minutes away, that isn’t bad. But that also means moving to a city I REFUSE to live in. (The one I work in lol). Maybe in the outskirts but not in the city of. That would mean a shorter drive to work for him, a little bit longer for me. In the end, I’m further away from my family and work and he’s closer but… it’s not that far. Well… who knows what will happen.

A ring and a marriage needs to come first before any house talk.
Which is always talked about but not happening yet. Who knows when. I don’t even know if any jewelry stores are open yet. We were playing Animal Crossing the other day and one of the villagers asked me if I knew what Andy’s dream was. I said yes. He whispered “To marry Danielle”. And I said, “Nah, it’s your gamer/nerd basement”.
He laughed and said, “Well that too”.

Anyway. I should go finish up some work.
I have a nonstop list of things to do this weekend.
1. Wash new bedding / change bedding.
2. Wash his daughter’s new bedding / put on
3. Change litter box. The entire box.
4. Trim bushes
5. Mow grass (or make Andy.)
6. Weedwhack
7. Spray grass with weed spray
8. Laundry
9. Maybe start painting garage?

I want to run to the landscape store too to get supplies for the 11th.
Oh. We have off work on the 11th and the plan was to get my garage landscaping done and misc outdoor chores. My mom said she was buying a power washer and that’s like top 3 of things I wanted to do. She JUST bought it today and it’ll be delivered on the 12th. Great timinggggggggggggg. Guess we’ll just rent one.


DE_mkately May 29, 2020

So cute that his villager said that to yours in the game hahaha.

I usually get an "i miss you baby" while im sleeping while hes at work and it always melts my heart ❤

sedentary May 30, 2020

I can't wait to see that mural - and if you don't like it you can just paint over it!

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