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  • May 26, 2020, 12:43 p.m.
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I have my bathroom planters up. I attempted real succulents but failed so I got these:

alt text

alt text

alt text

They def look fake and I’m not in love but… it’ll work for now.
Less plants I have to worry about killing.

Quick updates though:
Andy’s grandma passed away. They all knew it was coming. He seems to be handling it well. The funeral is tomorrow. I’m taking off a half day to go with him. A “social distancing” funeral so masks are required and no touching/hugging, obviously.

I’m trying to order landscaping supplies. We have off June 11-12 to get my landscaping done and I’m hoping if we do manage to do it in a day then we can take a day trip somewhere. I’m STRUGGGGGGGGGGLING guys. I just want something else besides yard work and video games. And I need him to make more decisions. I just can’t handle the “It’s up to you, babe” / “Whatever you want, babe” / “I don’t know, you pick”

No no no nooo. I don’t wanna pick anymore.
So I am writing down a list of meal ideas. I will literally read if off every week until something sticks out to him and he says yes. Lol. I need help and if it’s as easy as him just picking what meals we will eat that week then great. Any help. I came up with 32 meal ideas so far (which is impressive with no carbs!)

I didn’t get my walk down by the lake this weekend so hopefully next… we have his daughter the next two weekends though and Idk if that’s a pro or con when it comes to getting out of the house. I’m hoping she’ll be on board and we can go out. If not… I’m going by myself. I don’t care. I need outtttttttt.

Idk what else. I thought I had a lot but I don’t. I’m gonna go finish my online landscape order so I can go finish work. I would try to actually GO into a store but they’re so crazy packed lately. It’s dumb. It’s worse than Christmas time. People need to chill.

Ew. Delivery fee $85 for a few edgers and bags of rocks? I’ll brave the crowds and go myself.

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sedentary May 26, 2020

The plants are cute!

DE_mkately May 26, 2020

Cute succulents! Hearing home depot down here is totally packed and were still in bad shape. Ughhhhhh

SilentEcho May 26, 2020

guys are just like that. I'm trying to stop asking for input and opinions on things and decide myself.

^..^Kat June 24, 2020

I love those little planters. I'd have fake plants too.

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