Helpppp. (Pictures) in 2020

  • May 22, 2020, 10:32 a.m.
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Does anyone know things about trees?
I know I just talked about my tree and the whole fence situation. I think I decided not to do a fence. My mom talked me out of it because she’s right… I don’t want to put any money into my house when we’re hopefully going to be out of it in 1-2 years. I can deal with it how it is. I have for almost 9 years now.

It’s always had this problem… and it’s just getting worse. It has these things growing out of it. It just started at the bottom but now it’s everywhere.

alt text

alt text

alt text

I cut them off (because it looks terrible) but I don’t know what they are and how to get rid of them. I found the info on google years ago… didn’t do anything with it and lost it and now I can’t find anything? I need to search harder.

I just feel like my tree is diseased and I need to get rid of it. It’s looking so rough. Andy tells me not to do anything yet and we’ll keep an eye on it but.... what good does that do? Lol. It’s worse now. “Keeping an eye on it” just means ignoring the issue. If we put something on it or did something to it and kept an eye on it, okay.

I’m debating just pulling it out and putting something else there.

My new little babyyyyyyyyyy :)

alt text

I love him.

Okay. Now for randoms:

  • I ordered one of those “date box” subscription things. I ordered it THEN researched it and wish I was smarter and did the research first. I’m paying $40 for a box that most people said they received something dumb like pancake batter. Lol. Cooking together isn’t a date. We do that everyday. I guess maybe for some people it could be but nothing about that is “fun” and “adventurous”. Oh well. I get the first box in mid-june and then I can cancel.
  • We keep talking about waking up at sunrise to go down by the lake for a walk. He acts like he’s SO GAME for this but.... I don’t think it’s going to happen. We will see! I wish it did.
  • After this “walk by the lake” thing tomorrow … we’re going to get tiressss! I just went with the cheapest option possible because I don’t want my car much longer. Then hopefully we can go check out grills. I don’t know what else is on the to do list. I want to weed some stuff (including cutting those things off…) and work outside. I want to put my patio furniture out. I WANT to have a fire… and if it’s outside and we are “distant” then it wouldn’t be a problem but then there’s a bathroom issue. So I guess it’s smarter with no fire.. at least with others.
  • My boss said we can leave early today. His son (who works here obv) said he’s hoping like NOON. I was thinking like an hour early. God I hope his son is right. Waiting to hear from boss. I want to go clean my car out and it looks like it’s about to rain big time.

Okay I guess I should go finish the work I need to do today so I CAN leave early if the opportunity comes up.

DE_mkately May 22, 2020

cute little baby elephant!

BeautifulMess_ May 22, 2020

Cute elephant.

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