Trying again.. in 🌷 Spring 2020 🌷

  • May 22, 2020, 12:52 p.m.
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As much as this is gonna piss people off… Idc

So, we’re trying again… Slowly. We still have things separated and we are responsoble for our own groceries and dishes and stuff like that, but we consider ourselves a couple. It actually seems to be better this way. He’s been working a lot, but actually busying himself with things around the house rather than getting completely drunk everyday. He does drink still, but I dont think as much.

We haven’t kissed or had sex yet. It’s been slow. He says he’s trying to get over my talking to my friend. He asked to tell him exactly what we talked about and I basically told him about the times he’s treated me like shit. How he’s yelled in my face, puke all over the place, thrown things, and all that. And he surpringly started crying. I thought he’d get mad but hebwas actually sad, probably because he knew that he had done all that horrible shit and felt horrible. He says he still does love me and wants to try to make it work but he’s gonna need time and thats fine. I’m fine with taking things slowly, a day at a time because I need time to heal as well and work on myself.

I’m trying to think of a way to let my friend down nicely. I’m thinking maybe just saying I wont be able to chat with him as often as I have because we’re trying to do this and I need to focus on improving this relationship. We’re basically starting from scratch.. If this relationship however makes a turn for the worst, I’m not going to hesitate to leave. I think this whole thing has made it easier to move on from eachother. We both dont want to waste our time if we’re going to continue to argue and fight like we were.

So.. I know people are going to be mad and yes my bf has done some pretty terrible things to me, but I think this was a real eye opener for him and were gonna just keep things separated for a while and see how that goes. It seems to force him to grow up a little and thats all I ever wanted.

Purple Dawn 2 days ago

No one has the right to be mad. It's your life, make yourself happy :)

Always Laughing 2 days ago

It's your choice and you have to know when it's time to move on or stay no one else can decide that.

anguissette 2 days ago

Random noter: Please don't take all the blame for the rocky relationship. Him not liking you talking to a guy friend is no excuse to treat you so horribly. I hope he can continue to work on his issues and treat you with the respect you deserve! Good luck!

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