Ok. Opinions needed please! in 2020

  • May 15, 2020, 9:35 a.m.
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Here is my house.

alt text

See the fence on the left? That’s between mine and my neighbor’s house. It’s a short fence… but it’s solid up between the houses then not down the yards.

I’m trying to find other pics but I don’t have a lot… so you get what I have.

alt text
Obviously not a great picture but you can see the fence and the neighbor’s porch.

alt text

Just a plain standard stupid fence.

What you don’t see if my neighbor’s landscaping … which is really cute but its’ A LOT and it goes down the entire length of the fence… so much that their flowers spill/overflow into the spaces of the fence = into my yard. I hate it. I’ve always hated it.

Also… in the picture you see my tree. What you don’t really see is my neighbor planted a lilac shrub right there also… in an area way too small for a lilac. It’s now taller than my tree and it grows over fence. Ugh I knew I had a picture of this before but I can’t find it.


I knew I was complaining to SOMEONE about this. Lol.
Hesitate to post it because my grass looks so bad but this was before the weed killer. Don’t judge!! Lol.

alt text

My tree when I give it a haircut.

alt text

I don’t know much about trees and plants and stuff but.... does it NOT seem like their shit is ruining my shit? My tree used to be perfectly round. I don’t cut it like this.

And last year… (don’t mind the pic quality)… I opened my window in my living room to the side of the house which is the neighbor’s side and this is my view.

alt text

The entire way down.

Anyway. The point of all of this is....
I want a fence. A tall fence. Obviously it can’t be tall the entire way down but… I want it tall until after my tree then I want a SOLID short fence all the way down the yard.
Will this look dumb?

I know the fence isn’t going to help my tree. It won’t be as tall as them and I think I might even need a new tree anyway. But still. I am sick of their stuff overgrowing into my yard. I planted that tree AWAY from the fence because I didn’t want it overgrowing into their yard.

I love my tree but it is a pain to keep up with. It grows like crazy and I have to trim it a lot… which sucks when I don’t have the right tools for it. Obviously I don’t do a great job but I really don’t feel like paying $60 for someone to come trim it 3 times a year. I don’t know what else to put there because I do need something tall so maybe a different tree but anyway- for now let’s talk fences.

I took pictures of some ideas yesterday to show Andy but now I can’t find them to find the real pics so you get my pics of computer monitors. Hahaha. I’m a mess.

alt text
I thought this was cute and different… but it might be too “fancy” for my little house.

alt text
This is exactly what I had in mind.

alt text
But then I found that and I really like that too.

What do you guys think?

Is this type of fence the way to go? Will it look dumb? I won’t have a view outside my window- just a solid fence but it’s better than a view into their kitchen (or their tomato plants).


thoughts on this?
alt text

I always wanted something to go back behind the tree a little bit because I have NOTHING on the side of my house and I wanted to block it?

alt text

I don’t know if theres landscaping I can do back there but it might get lost on people. They don’t see if all the way down. I could just maybe do something up front to hide the back. Maybe like an ornamental grass. Lol. I don’t know. I can get rid of the tree, put that thing, a flower shrub or grass or something then little flowers around it. Ugh. Going off topic.

New fence? Yay or nay?

DE_mkately May 15, 2020

I like the middle one that's a little simpler. It would look good and I think privacy would be a selling point if you are going to sell eventually. Is that tree in front of your house supposed to get a lot bigger? If you are going to redo I wouldn't put a tree so close to your house unless it'll stay about at the size you have it now, because of the root system and storm damage!

Next question, how does one put in a fence when their neighbor has plants all over the current one? haha

Empire of Lights DE_mkately ⋅ May 15, 2020

Nope, that tree is full grown. That's why I picked that one. It would be a perfect size for that place if it wasn't for what's happening. I did SO MUCH tree research to find this one.

The other question- I have no idea!! Lol.
This pictures are from last year so their garden hasn't started yet... which is why I'm hoping to get it done right away if I'm doing it. I'll obviously talk to my neighbor before hand and tell them what's going on, even schedule it on a day their available if they want to be home/supervise the installers.

DE_mkately Empire of Lights ⋅ May 15, 2020

oh okay yeah do it now so you don't have that problem!!

Lis May 15, 2020

Damn, your neighbor has some pretty rockin' tomato plants!

Empire of Lights Lis ⋅ May 15, 2020

Seriously. Every year they do.
They actually have a pretty impressive little garden there. They obviously know what they're doing.

Lis Empire of Lights ⋅ May 15, 2020

I'm sure that's what my neighbor felt like at my old house.... they had a 6' high privacy fence and our beans would climb up our trellis (3' away from their fence, mind you) over to their fence, and down the other side. I kept taking them bags of fresh veggies, though, so I think they weren't as upset LOL

sedentary May 15, 2020

Im antisocial and would want like a 7ft fence the entire length lol!!!
Of the 3 fence pix, i like the middle one.

J.E. May 15, 2020

The third fence looks neat to me. Descending into three tiers like that is a good aesthetic.

KPink May 15, 2020

I love the 3rd fence.
What a pain. Can you trim everything on your side? including their tree? or bush or whatever it is? It is ruining your tree!

Empire of Lights KPink ⋅ May 15, 2020

I asked them last year if they'd be okay with me trimming it and he had no problem with it so I did a little bit but not as much as I should have. I came home a few days later and he trimmed it WAY back so that was nice.

KPink Empire of Lights ⋅ May 15, 2020

oh that is cool. I have a tree that runs into my neighbors yard, but it provides shade for cars lol

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