Overstepping. in 2020

  • May 14, 2020, 7:57 a.m.
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I’m going to overstep on my “girlfriend” bounds because I am forcing Andy to sit down tonight and go through and SCHEDULE the times he wants his daughter over. Right now working on this “monthly basis” isn’t working for me because… I plan shit unlike all of them. Things get messed up if you don’t just sit and talk about this.

We weren’t supposed to have her this weekend.... which would put us on our normal schedule that we planned things around. We requested time off of work based on the current schedule with his daughter and of course the ex messes that up = messing up our plans. Because she has the power to just say, “Aw but your daughter misses you” and fucks up all the shit planned because Andy can’t say no.

I’m sorry. There are schedules for a reason and it’s not JUST FOR ME.
It’s also for him and his family.

Like last year… Thanksgiving… we knew my family had our Thanksgiving at 3:30 so we planned his family get together in the morning. What does the ex do? Plan hers (a week before) for 11am so the daughter has to go there first then drops her off at Andy’s at 1 so we only had a few hours with her and it made him look like the bad guy. It’s unfair. We could have had her all morning if she scheduled it for the afternoon (which they could have. Everyone else was available all day long and Andy said they usually did).

A schedule is important.
Andy agrees with me so I know he’s on board with it. Why can’t you just say, “Oh hey I want to go up north for the 4th so I’ll take her that weekend” so WE KNOW. It’s not hard. Like we know Father’s day weekend is coming up so … we are planning on having her.

And her birthday weekend- why can’t they be like OH I’LL TAKE HER SATURDAY AND YOU CAN HAVE HER SUNDAY so parties and stuff can be planned?
Ugh. People.
I just like plans and schedules! hahaha.

Wish me luck. I know I won’t have a problem with Andy but wish me luck with the ex.

DE_mkately May 14, 2020

That is NOT acceptable. My whole familys like this too. I need to have plans. Every Christmas, it's this big thing because I'm trying to plan what days I want to go in to work, and no one can talk about or make a plan for our family outings with my dad's family. Also, it's better for the kid to have things more spelled out!

Empire of Lights DE_mkately ⋅ May 14, 2020

Exactly! I will never understand people who don’t plan. Drives me nuts. Hahaha

SilentEcho May 14, 2020

This is one very good reason I'm glad B's dad took a backseat into loserdom so I didn't have to juggle because her dad was a piece of work and it would have been like dealing with a yo-yo IF he ever followed through with seeing B.

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