Waiting in A restart

  • May 9, 2020, 10:48 p.m.
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Life continues on.

Things are starting to open up here in my state, which I view as a positive thing. I think they are dialing back restrictions week by week, with a goal of getting people back to work for the most part by the end of May.

For me, my work is going to keep us working from home for a while, it’s not even being talked about that we might go back to the office, which is in a building connected to the hospital, we’ve been told we’ll be working from home full time at least until the end of May. I expect it’ll be longer.

At the same time, our situation in this state with the virus is not bad. If you took out the nursing homes and the meat processing plants, there probably wouldn’t be a lot. We have a median age of death that is in the 80s, same as the rest of the country. We have had deaths plateau in the 20s per day. Obviously any death is terrible, but that is out of about 6 million people.

Another indicator that things are going well is that we currently can process 10,000 lab tests per day, but fewer than half that number are showing up. They can’t get the test numbers up right now because they can’t get people to come to be tested. In the papers of course they say that people think testing isn’t available or people are staying away for other reasons. But… maybe, just maybe, there aren’t that many people who are sick? That’s what I am starting to think.

Anyway, that’s a good thing. I’m sad about all the stories of people who are in dire straits having lost their jobs, too. I hope we can just get people back to work soon. Really, this thing is probably going to be coming and going in waves with outbreaks in different places for a while. There may never be a working vaccine at all. Really… we all are going to have to do everything we can to protect the most vulnerable people, and the rest of us accept that there’s going to be risk of infection for a while.

It’s strange to think that it wasn’t too long ago in history that most people died of infectious diseases. Now we are so well off that it’s a terrible idea to us. That is quite a blessing, looking back all through recorded history.

Anyway, there’s not a lot to write about these days. We are looking at moving still, etc. We might sell this abominable loft and move into a short term rental or something until we can get the future worked out, whether it’s buying a house here or if Florida works out sooner rather than later. I want a real house either way.

Lots is uncertain, but I’m pinning hope on a few things right now. One of them is that in a few months we’ll be out of this place. Another is that a year from tonight, most likely I will not be waiting to see snow out my window like we are tonight.

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