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  • May 7, 2020, 6:50 p.m.
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Andy has been really wanting a “date night” lately and being it’s not possible in the tradition sense… we’re going to do SOMETHING.
He suggested a drive. Why not? Just down some country roads… see some new town or something. Bring road snacks like a mini road trip. Maybe a walk down by the lake. If it was nicer, I would suggest having dinner down by the lake too but I think it’s going to be a little chilly this weekend.

Then we can go home and have a night together. No video games. I told him I get to pick the movie. Last movie we watched was Spiderman Far from Home but I picked that one too. Lol. I knew he wanted to watch it.

I got two foot peel masks for us. Maybe we’ll do that.

I’m excited. I love nights that video games are not the main focus.

I might have to bake some more cupcakes this weekend. I don’t really want to but it’s a co-workers birthday on Saturday… so other co-worker asked me to make the one cupcakes he was RAVING about nonstop. ......... which were a pain to make because it’s THREE cakes and THREE frostings. Ugh. But I don’t know. I’m cupcaked out. I told Andy I wanted to bake him his favorite cookies for a congrats thing.

He lost the weight he was supposed to- and got his blood results back. His dr said his levels were great now and to continue on the weight loss thing. We planned on it anyway but the cookies were something he was asking for BEFORE we even started dieting so… he deserves them.

What else? I don’t think there’s much.
We got my planters for the bathroom. He said he’ll hang them this weekend.

My works been hectic because the internet and phone decided to shit out. Stressful.

My face is breaking out like crazy. I haven’t had this bad of a breakout in YEARS.
I feel ugly. Doesn’t help that my hair dye hasn’t come yet either. I’m just feeling really ugly lately and that brings a mood down. I mean. I lost 25+ lbs and I feel fatter than ever. So a weekend of pampering sounds nice. Face mask. Foot care. Hopefully my dye comes. Maybe even do a deep conditioning for the hair. I just need SOMETHING.

I woke Andy up this morning a little early for some before work fun.
That doesn’t happen often but it should happen more. I think this was the second time (during the week) it’s happened.

Anyway. With the phone not working at work now, I have time to catch up on stuff so I’m going to take advantage of that.

DE_mkately May 07, 2020

It's funny, I'm more active than ever in this situation and being at my house by the beach all the time, but I also feel like a fat blob. Think it's partly just state of mind :( Or that things shift around. I feel like my legs get skinnier and it makes my stomach feel fatter lol. It's so great that you are being healthier and regardless that's a great thing!!

I love the ride around date, sounds fun. You could go "parking" like people used to do lol.

I have this huge in grown hair pimpley thing on my chin and I barely ever break out, I used one of those "Flawless" hair removal tools. UGH it's so awful, it even hurts!! :(

SilentEcho May 08, 2020

have a picnic, or grill out. Find a way to make a date night work. I'd kill to have a date night in Wisconsin. All nights in Wisconsin 😂

^..^Kat June 24, 2020

When I was working from home, going for drives was our main relax activity.

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