Eye rollllllllllllll. in 2020

  • May 5, 2020, 9:49 a.m.
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I’m the baker at my work. I bring them treats all the time. They love them.

We’re having a potluck today and some new chick brought in a fancy looking dessert and everyone is “so excited” for it.


alt text

Whatever. I made churro cupcakes (being it is for Cinco de Mayo)

alt text

We don’t have a ton of people participating in this… and three of the 9 people brought desserts. Two of the 9 people brought chips and dips.

.... lol

I’m way behind on work so bye!

DE_mkately May 05, 2020

Gorgeous cupcakes!!

Crystal May 05, 2020

Mmmm. I'd love those cupcakes. 🤤

The Dress Collector May 05, 2020

Yum! What a great cupcake flavor :)

Lunchbox May 05, 2020

Omg those cupcakes!! I'd kill for one of those right now lol.

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