Bathroom pic + weekend in 2020

  • May 4, 2020, 10:48 a.m.
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I painted my bathroom this weekend!
I always forget how much I hate painting until I’m in the middle of the project. But it’s done. And I like it.

alt text

alt text

alt text

It seems brighter in the pics than it is in person but eh. It’s a nice color in person.
I ordered new decor too for the other wall not pictured.

alt text
White trim though. And I got the stuff to fill it. They come on Wednesday :)

So bathroom is done!
I just have a ton of other projects to get done. I’m REALLY excited to get my bedroom in order. I really don’t know what color I want to paint it but I think I found a bed and I’m really excited about that. See. Andy has a nice set of furniture he moved in and we’re wanting to match the bed to it … but it’s harder than it seems.

alt text

One picture I have of the mess I call a bedroom.
I have white furniture (seen to the right) but now that his darker furniture is in the room, I really need to paint it a lighter color. He has one more piece of furniture we can bring over so I can use that instead of my white dresser so it actually matches.

And the bed I found is:

alt text

It looks darker but I think it’s close enough??

Bedroom project:
New bed
New curtains/shades
New bedding
Hang TV
Actually put some things up on the wall? I have no decor.

I have kitchen projects but my next #1 priority is outside. Landscaping and keeping up a nice yard. We planted some grass this weekend. My grass sucks. If this attempt doesn’t work then I’m sucking it up and paying someone to fix it.

The weekend was good. We had his daughter but she was content actually staying in her room. Like… she’s NEVER done that. Usually she’s very clingy and right on you but Saturday, she woke up at 9 something, got her iPad and went back to bed. Stayed in bed until.... 2ish when we went to the store.... immediately walked straight into the bedroom once we got home until dinner time. She came out for a little bit and of course when it was “bedtime” she “fought” it complaining that she didn’t get a dessert. It was 10pm. Too late for a dessert now. But then she went to bed and she slept until 10- when she had to be woken up to go home.

Andy made ribs for dinner. They were okay. I haven’t found a sugar free BBQ sauce that I LOVE yet. We should try dry rub more. I attempted a cauliflower “mac and cheese” and failed (went in with no recipe).

Tonight is “clean out the fridge night” so either hot dogs or eggs. Lol. I think we might have frozen meatballs too. I told him we can’t get new food until this is gone. There’s this soup I made last week and I just want it again. It’s so good. Sausage, kale, mushroom soup.

Anyway. I really have to go.

sedentary May 04, 2020

LOVE the bathroom color and those plant wall things - are they real or fake?
No judgement either way, I have no green thumb and would love some fake plants like that myself. No fuss.

Empire of Lights sedentary ⋅ May 04, 2020

Thanks! I think you can do either real or fake. A great thing about succulents is they don't need much watering and they're pretty hard to kill. I'm attempting real for now. If it doesn't work out, I'll definitely go fake. Haha.

~daydreamer~ Empire of Lights ⋅ May 04, 2020

They're actually NOT hard to kill. (Succulent killer here...) Actually, every one who took the class with me where we planted them, theirs died. And some of my green thumb friends have told me that it's such a misconception and they're really not easy plants.

But that said, I ordered a ton of plants recently and am busy killing them all. Why do plants hate me?

Empire of Lights ~daydreamer~ ⋅ May 05, 2020

I kill so many plants too but succulents were the one I could keep alive. I'm nervous about this planter though and I'm not sure. I'll probably end up killing them. Lol.
I just don't understand how people keep them alive! Water too little, water too much. It's just... I don't know. But I continue trying. Lol.

~daydreamer~ Empire of Lights ⋅ May 05, 2020

I don't get it either. How the hell do they KNOW? There's all this stuff with soil ph, and mulch and fertilizer and the whole water thing and pruning and deadheading and all these other words I don't know or understand. HOW DO PEOPLE DO IT? I haven't kept one damn plant alive!

Well if you end up killing the plants, just replace them with fake ones :) I have this planter on my desk that had 3 little succulents and I think I'm going to either put fake plants here or put three little fake succulents in it. I actually have a lot of fake floral arrangements in my house for color and ya know what? I get compliments on them all the time and NO watering involved LOL.

Lunchbox May 04, 2020

The bathroom color is so cute!

DE_mkately May 04, 2020

Soup sounds delicious. Love the bathroom wall hangings! I vote that purple color for the bedroom now! ;)

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