Opinions please! (Pics) in 2020

  • April 29, 2020, 10:05 a.m.
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Because I’m incapable of making my own choices when it comes to paint colors.

I want to paint my bathroom.
This weekend. I’m struggling with doing nothing and I need projects. We have Andy’s daughter again and I KNOW it’ll be VIDEO GAME NONSTOP ALL DAY LONG weekend so… I need to paint it to do something else besides sit there and be angry. I wanted to hold off until this thing passed and it was safer to go to stores but I’m being selfish for once.

I just don’t know what color.

See. The thing is… I really love my shower curtain and I want to base the color choice off of it. There’s a lot of options.

alt text

The only pic I have of shower curtain.

alt text

The only pic I have of the current color. I was thinking like a darker green or a darker purple? I don’t want it a really light purple. Oh. I have a white wainscoting around the entire bathroom so there’s a lot of white. That’s why I was thinking it wouldn’t be too dark.

Maybe something like these:

alt text

alt text
I like this one better.


alt text

alt text (I wish my bathroom looked like THAT). But I also like this color better.

My sister threw out a “peach” color which I don’t even hate?

I just have too much blue going on in my house.

Bonus pics:

alt text

Andy’s senior pic. Lol. I love it so much.
It’s my contact pic for him.

alt text

I BUZZED HIS HAIR. First time I ever buzzed hair. First time I ever seen him with buzzed hair. I kind of love it. And his eyessssssssss. Ugh. Heart.

alt text

We installed back lighting to the TV. Lol.
I mean… it’s a fun $10 spent. And it works with Alexa so I enjoy it.

Anyway. Paint colors?

sedentary April 29, 2020

I think if I HAD to choose to paint your bathroom I would choose green over purple but I like LIGHT colors so I would match the walls to the lighter greens of your shower curtain. Just my opinion..

Barbara Bad April 29, 2020

Totes go with the purple!

colojojo April 29, 2020

Nice shirt ;) (waves at fellow Wisconsinite).

I guess the question more is... do you want your bathroom to be lighter or darker? The dark purple looks nice. I also think a light green would work too, and make the whole bathroom feel more floral and like a “green space”. I think it depends more on the vibe you want for the room

heynow April 29, 2020

that purple is really awesome!

SilentEcho April 29, 2020

I'd do a peachy pink

DE_mkately April 29, 2020

Omg the purple!! Amazing! Looks so regal!

^..^Kat June 24, 2020

So weird, I don't see most of your pictures...ever. On this entry, I can see four of them.

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