Being fat. in 2020

  • April 28, 2020, 6:07 p.m.
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We’ve been so good on our diet. Andy has surprised me and motivated me to a new level. I’m so proud of him.

He hit his goal of 20lbs loss.
I hit 30lbs.

But we’re at the point in the diet where we just want a cheat.
Just one cheat day. Not even a day… just a meal. We’re still motivated to continue this but we’re both getting weaker for a treat. If we don’t satisfy the craving, we’re going to start being unhappy and quit.

Just curious. If you ate healthy for months and finally could eat ANYTHING you wanted, what would it be?

SilentEcho April 28, 2020

For me it would be the things I can't have much of that I crave just to scratch that itch. I don't believe in a diet that restricts or eliminates things completely because I think that sets people up to fail in the long run. Eventually once you reach your goal if you're going to ever eat those things again you need to learn portions and self control.

I'd go for things that are indulgent, really good mac and cheese, pasta in general. A favorite dessert: key lime pie, creme brulee, pineapple upside down cake. Or even a nice breakfast with thick hearty French toast and real maple syrup, bacon, fried potatoes.
Comfort foods.

Apparently I'm hungry. 😀

Empire of Lights SilentEcho ⋅ April 28, 2020

Yeah, we're fully aware that this isn't a lifetime diet. We know our habits need to change in the end and this diet is helping us drop the initial weight but then we will go back to slowly adding other food in occasionally. Most of the time we don't miss it and usually we can make a healthier version of it anyway.

I don't miss desserts at all. HE does for sure.
I doooooooo want a good mac and cheese. I make the mistake of following a noodle page on Instagram and they post mac and cheese all the time. Drool.

trixiepink April 29, 2020

I usually do keto so for me pasta and garlic bread.

she shines April 29, 2020

French fries. Nachos. Things that are fried. Cookies and candy and caramel popcorn. Chocolate.

swinglifeaway April 30, 2020

I'm craving sugar cookies with sprinkles and my amazing buttercream recipe in the middle. It's like cake, but better! I also really would love a thin crust brick oven pizza with stretchy cheese.

I have very specific cravings!

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