Dramaaaaa. in 2020

  • April 27, 2020, 6:51 a.m.
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Some stupid shit went down last night on FB. This involved my batshit crazy sister in law so .... there was an entry about her a few weeks ago? You should be updated. lol.

Anyway. I’ll dumb it down.

My gossipy aunt called my other aunt- they chatted and then gossipy aunt called my mom. She was telling my mom about how my other aunt thinks this entire coronavirus is just god created because he’s mad or WHATEVER but long story short my gossipy aunt accidentally went Facebook live while having this convo with my mom about how that’s nuts, my other aunt is nuts, etc. lol.

Other aunt FB posts about how sad she was her sisters could treat her like this, etc etc. Her daughter was to her defense and blasted gossipy aunt and how “family” can talk shit. She ended up dropping my moms name in the comments while explaining to someone what happened.

This provoked crazy sister in law to comment. She recently joined FB. She is friends with a few cousins but that’s it. (Also note that she’s maybe met these people 3 times in her life).

Her comments:
Brother and I don’t speak to family except other brother and sister anymore due to a lot of hurtful feelings. Unfortunately this doesn’t surprise me. I am so sorry that sisters would do this!!! It hurts but remember your the better one!!!”

“The will probably play the he says she says game or turn it around trying to make it like your mom is the bad person. Most likely she won’t get a sorry. They can be very heartless, his mom and sisters.”

“They like to talk about everyone because they are unhappy people”

So I’m pissed. She’s talking shit about my family (me included) and I get overprotective when it comes to that. We don’t get to defend ourselves.
I called my brother because he usually has no idea what she says to us, about us. Of course he doesn’t answer.

I was on the phone with my sisters for a little bit so eventually I just screenshot the comments she made and sent it to him saying, ‘If Heather wants to air family drama on FB, I can share if she wants to go that route”.

Because… I’m pretttttttttttttttttttty sure she’s the one that will come out looking like an asshole and he’s the one that will come out looking like an idiot. (ESPECIALLYYYYYYYYY being these cousins are very very very religious and one tried for YEARS for a baby and could never have one. If they knew she had an abortion because she was cheating, they’d hate her)

But I texted too late because I’m pretty sure she had his phone by then. She takes his phone at night to “monitor” her messages and pretend to be him and send us nasty messages. All I got in response was “your a bitch danielle go ahead”

My cousin took down the post.
Not that I would do it… because I just love my brother but he’s so damn brainwashed. I just want to text him and KNOW IT’S HIM. My brother and I used to be so close and I’d never think he’d call me a bitch. She does all the time. My entire family thinks it was her.
But it’s just.... he has no idea the shit she says to us. I’m pretty sure she deletes what she says and only shows him what we text back in defense (and it’s not often, we just ignore her a lot).

It’s just all exhausting but seriously. If she wants to put us on blast on FB making us look like the bad people.... I have NO PROBLEM AT ALL sharing why things are the way they are.

Stumble Bee 🐝 April 27, 2020

Sounds like a lot of drama.
In my job, I started 14 years ago.
There were about 240 teachers.
I am the only one left. Of course, some of that was due to their own choice to leave when new administration came in, but we were like a family, dysfunctional, but like a family. The one thing I never did, was open my mouth to talk about anyone. I learned that no matter if I am in the basement of the building, or on the 8th floor, someone would hear about it. So I kept my mouth shut. The people who bath-mouthed me? They're gone. I figure that whatever they did they did it to themselves. And I am at peace with never having responded to anything. I'm not sure if that's what I would do in this case, but I think when someone opens their mouth like the "crazy aunts" then everyone who listens knows who not to trust. :-)

Mr. Mofo April 27, 2020

There is a reddit called Insane People on Facebook, and that is close to that website as I will get.

DE_mkately April 28, 2020

that's just so crazy that you can't even know if he knows anything. :(

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