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  • April 23, 2020, 5:29 p.m.
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Worker finds out tomorrow her test results. I guess I’m not so much worried about it because I have limited contact with the warehouse workers. They’re closed off and not allowed in my office area. We WERE all sharing a bathroom until my “executive bathroom” was finished but I don’t know. We will see tomorrow, right?

My office is getting closer and closer to being done. New filing cabinets in. New lounge area done. We just need the mural up and they’re making some wall thing on the filling cabinet wall. I should post pics. I actually should try to find pics of the roofing company, old office here and this new one so you can see how much my past offices really sucked.

There’s just a lot of empty space because it’s so giant. I’m still living out of boxes so maybe I’ll get that done today...... if time allows. It’s been insane here (which contributes to the crankiness but I’ve been okay the past few days).

I’m not so much losing weight anymore. I keep going up and down the same 3lbs. It’s annoying. I need to change something up.

Andy’s daughter is supposed to come over this weekend. Obviously if work girl comes back positive, I told him it can’t happen. But in case it does- I ordered some pottery from the local pottery painting place. They’re doing a “grab n go” thing. Go online, order your piece and colors, pay online and just run inside and grab the order on the table. No contact with anyone. Then go home, paint it, bring it back to for them to fire.

$66 for us three.
I’ve become so cheap lately. Before I’d drop $100 there a night alone and not think about it but now it’s like NO I WANT MY $66. But I also want entertainment. I need projects.
This constant VIDEO GAME THIS VIDEO GAME THAT is really getting to me. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Animal Crossing. My island is looking so cute. Lol.
But it’s this routine we’re in I hate.
He gets home. We cook. We eat while playing AC. We clean. He plays Final Fantasy and because I hate it, I go and lock myself in the bedroom watching a show or cleaning or doing something. Lately I’ve been passing out because my brain is just on overload. Then he comes to bed too late and never wants to wake up in the morning because he’s tired. (I mean, by “late” it’s always by 11 but still! That’s late to us now. We’re old haha).

Speaking of shows though- I started Schitts Creek. Ugggggggggggggggggh, I love it. It’s an easy show to watch while I’m doing other things. My favorite type. One I don’t have to pay much attention to but still entertains me.

I tried to box dye my hair. I forgot how much I hate box dye.
I got dark brown. I never had a problem with dark brown. But my roots are like a medium brown. I should just place an order at Sally Beauty online. I look dumb.

Anyway. Maybe I’ll look into that office picture entry sometime today if there’s time. My work motivation is at a solid zero today. I don’t need it to be but man. I’m struggling.

DE_mkately April 23, 2020

I buy professional dye from sally's and i'll never go back, haha. although I accidentally dyed my hair blue because I didn't understand the color I bought but that's my fault. haha

Empire of Lights DE_mkately ⋅ April 23, 2020

That’s usually my go to but I’m assuming they are closed? I didn’t even check. Your hair is CURRENTLY blue or in the past? I love colored hair.

DE_mkately Empire of Lights ⋅ April 23, 2020

I dyed it the other night "tanzanite" and I thought it was gonna be purpley and its pretty blue. but like only in my roots and then my other hair is a mix or purpley red and also some of my lighter hair showing through as if it didn't take the color at all. probably my hairs like hey fool stop messing around with "brights" you have dark hair. lol. I went to sally right before the end of the world but i'm sure they're still shipping!

SilentEcho April 23, 2020

I want to dye at least half of mine, I want some bold my little pony hair, B is all like: DO IT and I'm like I'm poor! lol

I wish Arizona went to bed at 11! I might not be up until 4am! I wish we had a switch. I feel like we're really out of date with just the Wii.

I hope the girl is fine so that she hasn't potentially had the chance to spread it to others.

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