Weird in 2020

  • April 18, 2020, 7:38 p.m.
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Went to come here to check up and typed in “opendiary” instead. It’s been so long so why?!

Anyway. 4 hours later and animal crossing is finally done for the night.

We’re gonna go shower and go to bed.

I didn’t clean much besides the bathroom and laundry so tomorrow will be okay. I’ll have something to do while he plays final fantasy because he hasn’t played in two days so I know he’s jonesin’.

I can’t wait for the world to be okay again, I miss my family so much. This proves that I could never move away from them!

The Thirsty Oriental April 18, 2020

Ha... I still do that sometimes.

~daydreamer~ April 18, 2020

I actually do that a lot!!

SilentEcho April 18, 2020

This proves I made a mistake moving away from them because they are who I want to be around and even after this passes and we can reunite I'm still so far away.

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