8 Unexpected Culprits of Your Bad Breath in Healthy Living

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Halitosis is a scientific name of bad breath. It is a very common condition for many adults. Bad breath can interfere with everyday life and decrease your self-esteem. It makes you an unpleasant interlocutor and leaves its footprint on your relationships with society.

However, bad breath is a curable condition. Sometimes it is enough to find its cause and eliminate it for fresh breath. In this article, you will learn more about the common causes of bad breath.

1. Poor oral hygiene
The first and most common cause of bad breath is poor oral hygiene. If you don’t brush your teeth regularly food particles remain on your teeth and tongue and create plaque. This also creates favorable conditions for bacteria breeding. Waste that bacterias produce creates an unpleasant odor in your mouth.

Cleaning your tongue is also a very important part of oral hygiene. The friable tongue surface traps bacterias and food particles and cause bad breath as well.

Poor oral hygiene also increases your risk of different oral health conditions. These include cavities and gum disease which also associated with bad breath.

2. Food
Some foods like garlic, onion, and spices are considering odor-causing products. And it is not about just the smell in your mouth, which you can eliminate through brushing your teeth. The odor-causing particles reach your lungs through the bloodstream. Each time you exhale these particles affect your breath.

It is impossible to get rid of such bad breath with help of chewing gum, mouthwashes or breath freshener sprays. They just can slightly mask this smell but do not eliminate the cause.

3. Dry mouth
Saiva naturally removes food particles and odor-causing bacterias from your mouth. For some reason, certain people may experience a decrease in saliva. This lets bacterias breed in your mouth causing bad breath. Ask your family dentist about options that can help you get rid of your dry mouth problem.

Almost all people experience bad breath in the morning since saliva production decrease at night. For this reason, it is extremely important to clean your teeth twice a day.

4. Diet
Certain nutrition plans can cause bad breath as well. For example, a high sugary diet creates a favorable condition for bacteria breeding in your mouth. High-protein products are hard to digest sometimes. This tends to release sulfurous gases when such food doesn’t metabolize.

A diet too low in carbs is also associated with bad breath. They are one of the main energy sources for our bodies. Lack of carbs in the diet may affect metabolism which leads to bad breath.

5. Coffee
A cup of strong coffee can decrease the production of saliva in your mouth. As already was mentioned, a decrease in saliva means an increase in the number of harmful bacterias in your mouth. Exactly these bacterias cause your bad breath.

6. Medications
Hundreds of medications have dry mouth among their side effects. When your mouth is dry and saliva production decreases the odor-causing bacteria start actively doing their dirty job. In addition, decay products of some medicines can also cause bad breath.

7. Smoking
It doesn’t matter whether your smoke, chew or pipe tobacco. All these methods of tobacco use cause bad breath. However, bad breath is the slightest side effect of tobacco use for your oral health. Along with making your mouth smell like an ashtray, tobacco use is also associated with gum disease.

Of course, the best way to cut oral health risks is to quit smoking. But not all people are ready to do this. If you want to slightly reduce the tobacco effect on your oral health, rinse your mouth with water after every cigarette. In this way, you will remove chemicals that remain on your teeth after smoking.

8. Digestive problems
All kinds of bowel disorders cause bad breath. If you often suffer from acid reflux, the odors from the food you recently consumed can easily get back to the esophagus. This will cause bad breath in your mouth.

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