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  • April 14, 2020, 4:32 p.m.
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Andy and I decided to take a few days off of work to get projects done and I’m so excited. He was complaining that he wanted a vacation… and I know he meant to relax but I see FREE TIMES- LETS GET THIS DONE!

It probably won’t be until June… hopefully stores will be opened again and I won’t feel guilty for going into the ones that are open.

Oh there’s just so much I want to do!

My FIRST and must do is the landscaping next to my garage. I’ve only been talking about this forever.

I want to power wash my driveway/sidewalk/patio. I really really want to do this.

I need to trim the bushes that I never trimmed last summer.

We need to clean out the garage.

We need to add some mulch in the front yard and rocks in the back. Yeah. I wish I would have just done rocks in the front yard too but maybe next year when I re-do some of THAT landscaping… I will make the change.

Lol.... I really want to paint my door and shutters again. I mean. Is this a surprise? I do this every year. I come here GUYSSSSSS WHAT COLOR SHOULD I PAINT THEM?!?! Okay… I looked up the picture again. I don’t actually hate the color they are now… when the sun isn’t shining on them.

alt text
^That was last year’s “after” - after trimming everything, putting new mulch and painting them. I just want the grass to be nice again.

alt text
^I don’t even know what happened after this. Granted I think there is some filter in the pic to make it brighter but still. It’s so niceeeeeeeeeee.

I really do want to paint my house but I don’t think I will this year. Being we won’t be in this house forever we’re not going to put a ton of money into it either to get siding.

I DO want to paint my bedroom. That’s another one I’m so indecisive about. I WILL come here for color opinions because right now… I’m leaning towards a blue but my bathroom and spare room are a form of blue and I don’t want three different blues together. So then I thought about changing my bathroom. I don’t know. I just can’t make up my mind.

Oooooooooo. Also. (Old pic. I have a new coffee table now but this works)
alt text
Andy wants to put a media case on the wall next to the TV. It would just go under the pictures I have so I wouldn’t need to move those but it would take up that entire wall there.

So now I feel like I couldn’t leave the chair there which is okay. It’s never used and it was just a filler for an empty space. But I don’t know what I want to put on the other wall so it doesn’t look empty. I kind of want a blanket ladder. Would that look ok?

Okay I have to cut this short and get back to work.
I actually shouldn’t have started it. I’m just so excited about getting projects done!

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