Happy Friday! in 2020

  • April 10, 2020, 6:15 p.m.
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I’m currently typing from a COMPUTER AT MY HOUSE.

It’s Andy’s. But it’s weird! It’s been .... umm.... 5 years since I’ve used a desktop at my house. BUT HI GUYS. How are you? How’s life?

I’m great. I had a half day of work today. I had incredible sex last night (like, hello intense I need 10 minutes to regain leg usage type orgasm). I got paid. I did my taxes (hence me being on Andy’s computer). I got cleaning done. Andy will be home in about an hour with his daughter who is only only able to stay until tomorrow evening… but we have Animal Crossing to entertain us AND we’re going to bake cookies tomorrow. Not that Andy or I can eat them… but I’m making them for her and her mom, my co-workers, Andy’s co-workers and I might go do a front door drop off for the twins. I MISS THEM. Gosh. I just miss my whole family so much.

As I was doing my taxes…someone rang my doorbell. I always hate that because I am never expecting anymore. I go and see as a car is slowly backing out of my driveway. She waves. I look confused. She rolls down her window and says, “your food”.
I look down and it’s a bag of food. I didn’t order food. She got out and took it but man. I get so many random people delivering to my address on accident. It’s happened like 5 times. Thankfully I WAS home otherwise I would have came home from work to a bag of food.

I really want to order stuff to organize my kitchen but I just feel so bad ordering anything at this time. I don’t NEED it. I want it. So I’m going to put it off right now. I can live without it. I do really need to order some clothes though. I’m trying to hold off until I can drop a little more weightttttt. I want to be able to order a smaller size.

Speaking of THAT.
I am officially down to the lowest “recent (2017)” weight when I lost that big amount. I haven’t been dropping as fast as before but.... I haven’t been very active. I want to start going on walks. I just wish it wasn’t still in the 30s outside. I think today hit 43 which is okay but I want 50s.

BUT ANYWAY. As far as the weight loss thing goes, I’m starting from my March 2019 weight. And since the beginning of March I’m down 27lbs.
27lbs in almost 6 weeks? I’ll take it.

Andy is down 17lbs. His doctor told him 20lbs before early May. He’s definitely going to hit his goal but this guy is so motivated and focused. We’re not stopping. I’m so proud of him.

I’m in diet mode too. I’m not really craving sweets or anything like that. He’s starting too but we’re trying alternatives.

All is good. I just have a bunch more to go so I’m motivated.

OHHHH MY GOD. My stupid tax return code thing came so I’m done now. I can go finish clean before they get here. I have carpet powder down on my rug. Does anyone use that stuff? It just makes the house smell so good. I really need to scrub my floors though. Maybe next weekend when nothing else is going on.

Oh and I have to color my hair. I’m seeing like 4 gray hairs. That’s the most I’ve ever seen. Plus you know my roots are bad but what the hell gray hairs. I haven’t dyed it since early Jan though. Since before “bff’s” wedding - which I’ll need to come up with a new nickname for her because BFF isn’t true. Haven’t talked to her since her wedding. Lol. Funny how that works, right? Man.

SilentEcho April 10, 2020

I wouldn't feel bad about ordering anything at this time, you're helping others stay in business and if it's a mini project it keeps you busy! :)

It's not a loss her not talking with you.

I use carpet powder! :)

JustSurviveSomehow April 11, 2020

I use carpet powder but haven't been able to find any since this entire thing started!

Empire of Lights JustSurviveSomehow ⋅ April 13, 2020

That's so weird?! It's so weird the random things that are being bought out.

DE_mkately April 13, 2020

4 grays??? girl you crazy! and also very lucky! haha

Empire of Lights DE_mkately ⋅ April 13, 2020

Haha I'm sure it would be a lot more if I let my hair go naturally but I always give in and dye it.

^..^Kat June 24, 2020

I used carpet powder, when I had carpets. Now it's tile and hardwood throughout my house.

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