THE DRAMA. I came with screenshots. in 2020

  • April 7, 2020, 6:58 p.m.
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Okay. I’m not unloading all the drama like I said I would. It’s too much.
For those who have been reading me a while- y’all know my sister in law is little nutso.
For those who are new- I wish I could give you a detailed summary of it but it would take me days to type out.

Here are some bullet points and I’ll start with the most important:
**I UNDERSTAND MENTAL HEALTH IS NOT A JOKE. I am 1000000000000000% sure this girl has mental issues and isn’t “just crazy”. Her problem is she refuses to take her medication and even when she does- she still acts nuts. There’s some points when you have to just stop blaming “mental problems” and start accepting the fact that you’re just an asshole.

And on to her asshole bullet points from the past 7 years:
-She constantly calls my brother fat and ugly and tells him he’d never find anyone else (people LOVE him. He could easily find someone else)
-She can’t hold a job. She’s been unemployed more than employed even if it meant my brother working doubles. And while he did- he still had to come home and bathe the kids, help them with homework, make dinner, clean the house - while she did nothing.
-She wouldn’t even wake up with the kids in the morning to get them off for school. The 8 year old (at the time) had to get the 6 year old ready and them both off to the bus stop.
-She wouldn’t allow my brother (who made the money) to eat out for lunch.
-She wished death on my mother.
-My brother told her he wanted a divorce. She then cheated, got pregnant, aborted the baby after doing a test and proving it wasn’t his.

He took her back. I have no idea why. But that’s that.
Since then… my family has been uninvited to numerous birthday parties. We’ve always still invited her to our family parties (for my brother and my nieces). She never came.
She would always message us telling us off for things we’ve done wrong, etc etc. It’s just always something that “we” do wrong.

So the latest was last August.
We went on our family trip to the cabin. It was only the sisters (no brothers). My brother married to this creature never went on a cabin trip with us because he always used his vacation time to vacation with her family. So we went. She went off on us for not bringing her daughters. We’re their family and we should take them. Which I wrote about before. I mean. This is some of ours ONLY trip a year - should we be required to take care of her kids while enjoying our only vacation? But it just resulted in her going off on my mom telling her what a terrible grandmother she is, selfish, rude, etc etc.

That gives you a decent enough set up for this texts but I will explain as I go.

She was texting everyone trying to argue with them. No one was responding. No one usually even responds. We just ignore her.

She’s hard to understand sometimes. And she likes to do this thing were she copy and pastes her rants. That said- this message was sent to my mom first. My mom didn’t respond so she sent it to me.

alt text

There’s going to be a lot that doesn’t make sense but yeah.

I wasn’t even going to respond but the entire week before my mom was literally crying over stuff she was saying to her so I responded.
Remember this fact- years ago when my brother told her he wanted a divorce, I was there for him. I supported him fully because I KNOW HE’S NOT HAPPY. He’s not the same guy I grew up with. I helped him how I could and that included printing divorce papers. She likes to bring that up A LOT how hurtful me doing that was.

alt text

alt text

I commented about Jake’s (nephew) GF because… my nephew wasn’t at the party he promised he would be because his GF wanted him to go somewhere else. All I said was that he does whatever she wants which was the truth. I’m obviously the green text.

alt text

alt text
To finish her sentence “Do not send our daughter a card in the mail because I will rip it up”

(Spoiler: we later got bitched at for NOT sending a card in the mail..)

She also does this stupid thing where she “pretends” to accidentally text the wrong number trying to offend up. Like this next message… was “intended” for my brother but she texted it to me to try to upset me. Lol.

alt text

Yeah, Adam. Danielle isn’t a relationship expert. She only dated on person.
Lol. How is that going to offend me when 1- she has no fucking idea about my dating life and 2- who cares even if that was true? That doesn’t make your relationship a good one because IT’S NOT.

I never responded to her. She never tried again.
Instead...... she moved on to my OTHER sister. My one sister who is the most innocent in all of this. My sister who tries to keep the peace and always be nice to her.

This was months later though.
SIL texted her asking her if they could hang out with the kids. (My sister has twins through IVF. She is not married (important for a comment that comes later)). My sister told her yeah that sounds good but she’d have to check her schedule at work to see when.

She texted like an hour later asking again. Sister repeated it. Then sister gets this:

alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text

Um. Who threatens their life and says, “It’s on all of you” ?

alt text
alt text

My sister has a good job. She makes enough money to be able to support her kids… very comfortably. My sister used to take their girls on vacation a lot before she had the twins but now it doesn’t happen as often. So SIL tells her she needs a reality check and that’s a husband and in laws. Lol.
My sister didn’t respond. She reached out to my brother about the suicide thing. He apologized and said he’d take care of it.

(I’m pretty sure he’s gotten that statement from her also so he’s used to it…)

That was in November. We saw my brother on Christmas. There’s been more… stupid things were my mom is still trying. She was going out to my niece’s baseball games every week but it wasn’t good enough. She went out to help them babysit a few times (even rescheduling doctors appointments for it). She got invited to dinner with them and when SIL said thanks for coming, my mom said “You’re welcome” and came home to a rant of “How fucking rude for you to say you’re welcome instead of thanking me for inviting you”

But that’s a brief summary of it.
It comes up again recently because she just re-joined FB. She hasn’t friend requested us but she definitely requested my New Hampshire BFF. Why? She doesn’t even like her. I think she just tries to get under our skin.

So that’s a somewhat update of the crazy we deal with as a family. She doesn’t message me often because I don’t think she likes my replies very much.

DE_mkately April 07, 2020

I could see this being bipolar also. My cousin acts just like this. It's really awful. Also is she threatening to kill your brother? If something happens to him.. you won't have contact with the kids...??

Does your brother just blindly stick up for her?

SilentEcho April 07, 2020

crazy psycho cunt. Homegirl needs a padded room, throw away the key OMG.

JustSurviveSomehow SilentEcho ⋅ April 08, 2020

^^^ I have no words. But this sums it up perfectly. Wow. Just wow.

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