Regarding flying commercially during COVID-19 in Public Service Announcement

  • April 1, 2020, 11:15 a.m.
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I’m going to leave this right here:

Don’t shoot the messenger

hippiechica15 April 01, 2020


girl in recession hippiechica15 ⋅ April 01, 2020


rhizome April 01, 2020

that’s so cryptic! but yeah, don’t suddenly share your aerosols with 100 people at the same time, that’s the worst idea on earth

girl in recession rhizome ⋅ April 01, 2020

Yeah it's really just common sense.

dickson. April 01, 2020

Are... people still... flying? Where are people going when all the borders are shut?

girl in recession dickson. ⋅ April 01, 2020

Yeah, apparently several aren't totally shut including to and from the US from certain places and within the US is 100% open which makes zero sense!

Firebabe April 01, 2020

Agree with not flying (fer crying out loud!) But I'm a little hazy on how the current situation is allowing the airline industry to "line its pockets." I'm not saying it's not possible, I'm just not seeing how....? I mean these guys are hemorrhaging money right now, right? I can see them being ethically challenged by agreeing to still sell tickets and keep on operating, but at this point I would assume it's in an effort to stay afloat, not to pad pockets.

What am I missing?

girl in recession Firebabe ⋅ April 01, 2020

Are you asking me?

Firebabe girl in recession ⋅ April 02, 2020

If you know, or have a theory. 😁 But I'm just generally asking anyone who might have insight.

girl in recession Firebabe ⋅ April 02, 2020

That's why I said "don't shoot the messenger"...what would I know about how airlines are run? You could go on her PB and ask, since she has direct industry knowledge.

crazy eyeshadow April 01, 2020

The only place I would even want to go now is Vegas, but that is shut down too! So, I go nowhere.

girl in recession crazy eyeshadow ⋅ April 01, 2020

Bf and I were talking about Vegas yesterday and how it would be the biggest/best vector for a crazy disease. Like if this was a movie it would be a good idea to start this pathogen in Vegas lol

crazy eyeshadow girl in recession ⋅ April 01, 2020

No shit! I wonder if I can share Kev's cousin's photos with you on FB. He lives in Vegas and he's a photographer. He did a whole series of the dead strip, it's crazy to see it shut down.

crazy eyeshadow girl in recession ⋅ April 01, 2020

Oh yes, he posted them to another site.

girl in recession crazy eyeshadow ⋅ April 01, 2020

OMG these are amazing! Thank you for sharing

Darkest Days, Brightest Nights April 02, 2020

Isn’t it common sense NOT TO FLY?!?

girl in recession Darkest Days, Brightest Nights ⋅ April 02, 2020

I would think so!!

QueSeraSera April 02, 2020

As you know I love to travel and consider myself a seasoned traveler. No way in hell would I consider to buy tickets or go anywhere. That is a very foolish thing to do whether cheap tickets or not. I agree with what they wrote. I have no idea who would fly under these conditions.

girl in recession QueSeraSera ⋅ April 02, 2020

Yes I'm so glad you dont have to travel anywhere! You travel more than anyone I know :)

QueSeraSera girl in recession ⋅ April 03, 2020

I just found out someone I know went on a cruise recently during this. I have no idea as to why they would consider that. They were able to get home and are ok (not sick) but still. I mean to take a chance like this. Yes the deals are fucking great but----------you can die, get infected from someone or infect your loved ones. How much is it worth it? It is not.

girl in recession QueSeraSera ⋅ April 03, 2020

Oh wow, how stupid!!

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