sick friends,worried for safety in ?

  • March 25, 2020, 11:24 p.m.
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Lora’s Covid-19 test turned positive.. now Pam, Jim, Kristen and Kristen’s son Jasper are in quarantine. I asked them if they needed anything. They said just keep my distance. That they are okay. I offered to leave food or medicine on their porch. I really wish i could help them but i agree that I need to stay away to remain healthy.

People at work want to know who this family is and where they live. It is none of their damn business. Wonderful thing about this diary is no one knows me. No one deserves harassed when they are healing from true illness. I really hope they will be alright. I obviously care for these people and plan to protect them.

I have been working a lot and fear eventually my husband or I will probably get corona virus. We have no choice but to keep working. It sucks barely surviving from one paycheck to the next.

My husband and I both work tomorrow. I really hope to eventually find 2 masks for us to wear to work. A nice customer at work is talking about making masks for everyone working in our store. We are grateful for her kindness.

Tonight my husband and I are watching anime. Most of the time I have no interest in anime but i think i found an exception.

I better get to sleep soon. I got to get up early and drive my husband to work..

MyDronedLife 3 days ago (edited 3 days ago)


Masks are for the people already sick or with underlying medical conditions such as auto immune, cancers, weakened lungs, etc. So stop trying to take those from people who actually need them out of your fear. Also, home made masks are germ factories and protect no one. Don't buy into that.

*_* MyDronedLife ⋅ 3 days ago

customers complaining about us not using a mask.. They said we are risking their health

KandiJo *_* ⋅ 3 days ago

You should use a mask if you would feel more secure, and also if it would make customers feel more secure. Our local grocery store has employees wearing masks and using gloves for their protection. Masks are not reserved for any particular group. The person above's comment is moronic.

MyDronedLife *_* ⋅ 2 days ago

Then they should wear masks and stop their bitching. Experts are saying that no one, but people with health conditions or people with symptoms should be wearing masks due to people like you wanting to hoard masks. Experts say cloth masks or any type of mask does nothing to help healthy people who do not have it and it's stealing it away from health workers who actually are around the sick. Go with the experts. Not with ignorant fear.

*_* MyDronedLife ⋅ 1 day ago

i dont wear a mask at work.. customers suggest me to. I dont even own a mask. It is the people wearing masks saying us healthy people are putting them at risk. I just nod my head use the sanitizer and keep going.. no matter what i do nobody is happy.

Black Moon 2 days ago

Anything by miyazaki the artwork and the imagination is pretty impressive. It's all hand drawn, anything hand drawn everything else is crap.

Anything that stops the spores spreading can't be a bad thing. I had some scans at the hospital last week, they made me wear one, I've kept it. I think I might start using it when I go into town, anything can help.

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