2020/03/25-3 in Extended Homebodiment

  • March 25, 2020, 9:41 p.m.
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It was a nice day. About as nice as all of them, to be fair. That’s how things go when every day is essentially the same.
Yet every day has also been different as I’ve been creating different things every day. I’ve mentioned before how much I love being creative/artistic and the immense amount of time I spend partaking in some kind of creative activity in the arts (100% of my own free will) every day, and how I enjoy it all colossally. Part of the reason why some days feel more homogeneous than others may be because I’m creating a similar kind of art as I did the previous day.
Lately I’ve been focusing on composing metal music and writing in this journal as well as writing freeverse poetry and haikus when I feel like it. Maybe I’ll change things up somewhat tomorrow if I feel like it. Heck, maybe I can even start tonight in my bed!
The thing when it comes to music for me is that whenever I practice guitar (which I do every day), I never feel satisfied with my session if I don’t write/compose something on the guitar. I mean, it’s right in front of me, and setting up the gear isn’t the least time-consuming activity in the world!
Maybe I can change my style and broaden my musical horizons a little bit. The thing is that I’m really not that good at playing any genre of music on the guitar other than metal….that’s what learning’s for, I guess!

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