OCD and Corona in Banishing Nora

  • March 26, 2020, 7:30 a.m.
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My spiky colleague Skyped me on Monday to ask whether I was coping with the plague, what with the OCD and all. It made me feel all warm inside, working with people who care. I’m so lucky. I think she thought that if I freak out over some imaginary dirt in a shopping bag I’m going to completely lose my mind when there’s an actual threat, but in truth the opposite is true.

See, all the “extra” measures that people are taking just now is how I live my life… repeated hand washing? Check. Obsessive hand sanitising in between washes? Yes please. Avoidance of surfaces touched by other humans and meticulous disinfection of personal objects and enviroment? Hell yeah. Preferred social distance of at least two metres? Fuck, I’ll take two.

For once, it’s like eveyone else is playing by my rules and respecting my boundaries instead of riding roughshod over the top of them. I actually feel like I can breathe for once in my life. Ironic, eh?

So basically I live my life as if there’s an apocalypse on the go all the time, when of course there isn’t. This is new information and the piece fits so cleanly into the hole, if you know what I mean - like a wooden jigsaw puzzle - that it has to mean something, has to be useful in the quest to tame Nora once all this is over.

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Camdengirl 3 days ago

Interesting insight!

Barbara Bad 3 days ago

I so get this! Not with the hygiene but I've never taken full supermarket shelves for granted and its my responsibility to educate Winston... Who's laughing and wiping their bum now bitches?!

Midorinokaeru Barbara Bad ⋅ 3 days ago

Is that like, an advanced version of patting your head and rubbing your tummy..?

Barbara Bad Midorinokaeru ⋅ 3 days ago


Complicated Disaster Midorinokaeru ⋅ 2 days ago

Hahahaha!! xx

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