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I am really struggling at this point. I got engaged! You would think that would be the happiest time of your life – it’s not, not for me anyway. My mom is a control freak and nosy, me and my fiancé try to talk wedding plans? She buts in. Me and my fiancé talk about our house? She buts in. It’s a never-ending cycle. Then after he leaves, she corners me and points out all of my fiancé’s flaws… I will admit, sometimes he gets hot-headed or cocky, sometimes he is controlling or clingy, but its all because we never get alone time – and when we do my mom is calling and texting blowing my phone up. Sometimes I don’t know who’s right. I get that nobody’s perfect and we don’t claim to be. My mom gets so upset when my fiancé tries to help me wedding plan or give his input, she got upset when my future mother in law tried to help me plan and give me advice. She says she is worried that he is toxic and we shouldn’t get married. I don’t know what to do and its slowly killing me.

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