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I can pull a lot out of my ass in a little bit of time!!

I got to bed late 2 nights ago because I was up late watching Doctor Sleep and was up at 7am for the day Tuesday. This allowed me to sleep in today! I went to bed late last night too and slept until noon-ish today. Please do not take this as laziness. I was up and functional until 3am or later and up a few times due to various noises and bathroom trips. Up again to see B off to school and to see Arizona head into work. The nice thing about todays sleep in was that Cujo joined me and stayed put for those glorious hours of morning sleep. Fitbit says I got 8 hours and 3 minutes total last night which is 3 hours more than the night before.

Yesterday I did some random tidying and laundry. I finished doing stuff for the tanks and then helped B set her stuff up last night as well. I watched some TV with Arizona and then read The Midwife until early morning as well as watched a bit of Wentworth–never seen it before. I pulled some stuff out of the freezers for dinner.

Woke up and turned on Wentworth for a bit. I then moved some of B’s project crap into her bedroom.

I started dinner prep which was thawing ground beef and ground pork so I can make meatloaf tonight with some boxed potatoes we have to eat up and get out of the pantry.

I baked the cupcakes for the bake sale for B’s last improv performance. I iced them all, THAT was a chore. I was using my tri coupler for the first time. That’s just a 3 color piping situation where you can get 3 colors of icing on the cupcake using one swirl. You could put them in the same piping bag but that yields different results. This tri tip situation was tricky for a few reasons. They make it look like the piping bags are small when in fact you put 3 of them together it’s REALLY hard to hold it nicely. I bought reusable bag ties and tied them on like hair ties or rubber bands, I guess that’s now how to use them so ok, I used the 3rd one the right way only to have it pop off mid use so I tied it on like a rubber band and had zero problems. The other issue I had is once I had all of 1 color icing in the bag there was a rip in the seam near the top. I just used it as is since moving icing into the piping bags is a fucking nightmare to begin with. I couldn’t imagine moving icing from one bag to another, plus there’d be a lot of waste. They don’t look how I imagined they would but they aren’t bad. I used gel food coloring, with their “true red” which really is their way of saying PINK. But they are DONE.

I had a mini sewing project via B. She was making a mini quilt for her house project for interior design. I offered up sewing a design with my sewing machine-just a fancy stitch. She picked a few out and I made the final decision. I then evened out the fabric she gave me (a cut up shirt that no longer fits her) I sewed the edges and turned it right side out and then stitched across it 5 times with the design I chose switching out the thread for a different color at the end. Hopefully she likes it. Last night I helped her make stuff out of clay. I made some plates and mini spoons and a baguette. I put together tulips for her mini pots she painted. Those all have to be dried in the oven. I also laminated some card stock for her that she’s using as a backing for outside her aquarium. Busy, busy!

I’ll be picking her up from school today and dropping off the cupcakes. We have some errands to run and then I have to come home to make some crunch bars out of the cap’n crunch. I’ll have B help me wrap them up and she can take them when she goes in tomorrow. Arizona can throw dinner in the oven while we are gone.

I’ve already eyed the decor I want for my Easter wreath.

**I didn’t get around to finishing this until now....125am Thursday morning…

I finished B’s stuff and prepped dinner-I made boxed potatoes because we had 2 left in the cupboard. And the best most basic meatloaf I’ve ever made!

I swapped places with Arizona. He came home and I went to get B from school. They were supposed to be released at 530 but weren’t released until 550, I was pissed because I was there ON TIME and we had things to do and dinner was being made while we were gone. We didn’t make it home until nearly 8pm. I was pissed. We didn’t drive away from her school until almost 6pm. We stopped at Dollar Tree for her to look for a few things, I followed her in and helped her, then she ran into friends/theatre people so we were stuck there longer than I’d have liked. We made it to Michael’s where again, we spent too much time. I didn’t find any rainbow ribbon like I had wanted-I’m going to check Hobby Lobby on Saturday. Then we went to Walmart because I wanted to exchange some pj pants I bought, that was a line and a bit of an ordeal but it was handled very nicely. The pj pants were very large which I wanted but they shrunk when washed making part of them annoying and small so I wanted an even larger size. Of the 3 patterns I had they only had one of them in a larger size. :( It’s a super cute one but there were Carebear ones I REALLY wanted. :(

We made it home and ate. The potatoes were typical of boxed augratin potatoes, B loves them. The meatloaf was SO good. I really wasn’t sure how to season it so I went with an easy approach I found on Food Network that wasn’t gross but I tweaked it. I don’t like ketchup or anything that I deem gross. Remember, when I say I don’t like something I DO NOT like it. I gag and gag and gag and then vomit. It’s bad. Arizona saw this happen ONCE last April/May and it was the first time he’s ever seen me have that reaction, total accident-they served me the wrong thing at a restaurant. Just thinking about it makes me react. Anyway so I keep it simple. Which isn’t bad because B is the only one that likes ketchup at home so that’s nice. :) I used 1 lb ground pork, 1 pound ground beef, 1 egg, a packet of Hidden Valley ranch (the dry mix with the lower sodium content), I eyeballed some panko and mushed it around until it was well blended. I put it in a baking loaf pan. I wish I had made more! The initial recipe called for 3/4 of a pound of ground beef as the only meat. I think that would have been WAY too salty. The leftovers exist only because I had to hold myself back from eating more. We are having leftovers with mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner Thursday night. This will be making it into rotation for sure!!

B saw the blanket I stitched for her, she had actually seen it at like 80% done and let me keep going. Then in person she informs me I did it wrong. She wanted to put stuffing inside of it and make a quilt…keeping in mind this is extra decor for a project at school that she’s only graded on the house itself not the insides. It’s dollhouse sized. I was hurt. Especially since she had no idea what went into it. I had trimmed it so it was even, I folded it so wrong sides were out, I stitched the 3 sides so it would be closed but double thick, I pulled the right sides out and did 1 line of stitching at the top of the blanket. I then started to do the bottom so I could see my spacing. About 2-3 inches into it the machine went crazy and things went bad. I had to stop and pull all the stitches out. This wouldn’t have been so bad but this was a tighter closer stitch and probably took me an hour to pull it all out without messing up the fabric and having to start 100% over. I kept stabbing myself with the stitch ripper. :( It was tedious work, I wasn’t sure I could do it, I don’t usually have that kind of patience. When I had 4 out of the 5 lines of stitching in I showed B, inquired what color she wanted and if she wanted a different stitch. She liked it. Then she told me the color and said to stick to the same stitch. I thought it turned out nicely. She saw it and wasn’t on the same page as me, she didn’t think it turned out so nicely, so I threw it out. She can figure out what she’s going to do but a redo will not include my help.

Interestingly enough in the car tonight we had a discussion about having consideration for others and their plans/etc which evolved into how she never thanks us for anything that we do. I explained that I take her to and from work and she doesn’t thank me and I put up with a lot of attitude from her. I make sure she’s not late for work and she’s up, no thanks. I’ve picked her up from rehearsals and run her all over to get crap she needs, again…no thanks. Her reply?! “I thank Arizona when he picks me up from Rehearsal, I feel bad”. Ok, great! What about me? Just because I’m her mother doesn’t mean I’m not deserving of some gratitude once in awhile! I had just made her damn cupcakes for her improv that I’ll be missing because her stupid theatre teacher is having it right after school when parents are still at work. Again, she took them and said NOTHING. I did her laundry this week. silence


Arizona is down close to his lowest weigh in since the start of February.

My weigh in for Wednesday:
This week: 220.4
Last week: ? I forgot to post it and don’t remember :(
The previous week? 221.3

I NEED to get out of the 220’s! It’s my biggest nemesis at this point. I can dip down but I always pop right back up.

No plans for Valentine’s day. I hope to make the turkey in the fridge. I’m going to thaw it in the sink tomorrow and dry and prep it for cooking Friday. We can eat turkey related foods all weekend. I’ll make up some stock with the remains along with the frozen veggies I’ve been hoarding in the freezer, it will free up space and make room in the freezer for the stock.

I have a few random things for both Arizona and B. Nothing screams “Happy Valentine’s Day” though. I will be making either homemade pb cups or pb fudge for Arizona. Nothing spectacular.

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