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It’s weird that there are certain weather patterns or even like positions of the sun that are connected to specific memories of places. Like yesterday when I was walking to Barnes & Noble it ...

Answer the following questions with your ideal answers, not the real ones. First, what would you like your birthday to be? July 31st, 1897. That way I could be both a Leo and a Fire Rooster and ...

March 08, 2018

me like this poem in saturated fun

BOLD March! Wild March! Oh! you saucy fellow! Even though your voice is rough We know your heart is mellow. Hush! You’ll wake the children up, They are sweetly sleeping,Daffodil and Buttercu...

I’m sitting here at Bloo Moon working on my papers and trying to get shit done I’m definitely coming here on Friday too. Tomorrow I’m going to go to the gym twice and work on something different....

How the heck do you plant a flower? I wanna plant a bunch of flowers and then float them in a bucket of water with candles. DANGIT!@

How do you feel about golden oreos? I LOVE THEM. MORE than regular ones What is your favorite dessert topping? If I go get rolled ice cream I get matcha and chocolate pocky sticks on top with ch...

March 01, 2018

MARCH in saturated fun


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