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I just got home. Now if you’ll excuse me, Rod Serling, Dick York and Burgess Meredith are waiting for me with open arms.

June 01, 2018

I miss Asia in 100% Saturated Fun

Japan and Korea. I miss the smells.

I demand the following make a comeback in 2019: wood paneling TVs with drawers that you can close (it’s for the Feng shui god dammit!) lining drawers with floral wallpaper rec rooms actual Pyrex...

Need to know this for very important muppet business. My friend got a mayday basket on her door and there is a puppet parade here that I didn’t know about 😞

I’m in Vegas drinking a bloo and red iced daiquiri and walking in the heat and I’m all sweaty and tired but then I arrive in my ph apartment on the 63rd floor of the encore where it is a brisk 65...

April 18, 2018

mental note in 100% Saturated Fun

this is a note to remind myself to buy ZZ Top tickets fo jun 29th and dont forget flogging and dropkick on June 8th

Ok so my whole family just got into a huge loud fight at Angino’s which is this one place that has this really good meatball dip that I ordered and it was great even though we left before I could...

Even though she paid for your classes and your outfits and encouraged you the whole time. Ditched out on at the last minute! That’s how I feel, but whatever. I still love her cause i understand h...