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April 08, 2019

New Instagram in Spring 2019

I made a new Instagram account.. I don’t use it often however, but I could use friends I suppose. Look for kdawnf and a buddha picture and just add me. I’ll add ya back. I still don’t have a Fac...

April 08, 2019

My weekend in Spring 2019

Today is my Friday and its more than half way over. After lunch, theres only about 3 hours left. Then I can go home and relax. I may buy some beer that I like, instead of wine. Wine gets me too p...

April 06, 2019

Saturday in Spring 2019

Its Saturday and today is probably going to be crazy. Baseball season has begun and everyone is doing their running events. There’s supposed to be a disc golf tournament too this and next weekend...

April 06, 2019

Less than 10 minutes in Spring 2019

Ive got less than 10 minutes before i get to go home. I cant wait until Monday..It feels this week has gone by quickly, but then the weekend hasnt even started. The park is supposed to be crazy w...

April 02, 2019

Cleaning in Spring 2019

I spent most of today doing laundry and cleaning the house. I wish I could mop the floor but there really is no point because its raining and we have dogs. Maybe another time. I washed all the be...

Things seem to have gotten better, but I truly don’t know for how long and I still don’t know if the relationship is good for both of us. But onto more positive things: Turns out my dad has Mond...

March 25, 2019

denver in Spring 2019

What I feel when I listen to John Denver… A new peace from a frightening reality A new hope to cover the shit I go thru Its not all my fault… I can’t help it to think it. Its got to be it I done...

March 25, 2019

I am Drunk in Spring 2019

Things I’d like to do: To go a Dave Stamey concert. Go camping alone Hike Buy land cheap somewhere And find a way to afford it… Start a garden Love myself Depend upon myself Become spiritually so...

March 25, 2019

unofficial breakup in Spring 2019

Maybe… Idk how this is going to change everything

March 24, 2019

Another fight in Spring 2019

Another fight and I’m the one left feeling ashamed. I never do anything right. Its as simple as grabbing a dessert bar and not asking if he wanted one.. Which I admit, was selfish. Idk anymore, m...

March 21, 2019

Metaphorically in Spring 2019

This is just metaphorically thinking: I’ve looked mobile homes that I’d be able to afford. I cant afford a full house payment on my own, but if I could somehow save 10,000 dollars.. Like live at...

March 20, 2019

Just things in Spring 2019

I’m gonna try not to drink this week. I’ve already ruined today but I’ll try to start tomorrow. Today is the first day of Spring. I get paid on Friday. And I’m tired of every day becoming an arg...

It’s five AM. I started the crockpot with corned beef and vegetables. We decided to have St Patrick’s Day today since I have the day off today. I have to go grocery shopping soon. I also need to...

I finally transplanted my Roma Tomato sprouts to bigger pots. I made the mistake of putting 5 seeds in one hole so four sprouted within the same hole close together. I have to break the sprouts a...

Got to visit my 7 month old niece. She was smiling and staring at me almost the whole time. Very responsive and smart. I went with my SIL to a story time thing shes been going to the past couple ...

March 04, 2019

Today in Winter 2018/2019

Things have gotten better, but I really dont know how long things will last. Anyway, I’ve got a lot of stuff I want to get done today. I’ve got to do dishes so I can defrost cornish game hens for...

March 03, 2019

After this.. in Winter 2018/2019

After this, I have nothing more to give anyone therefore, I will become an old maid. I am 33, never been married, unable to have children, who will live alone with her animals… But I’m going to ...

March 02, 2019

If its over.. in Winter 2018/2019

I’m assuming it’s actually over. I’m thinking what the hell to do. I’ll have to talk to my dad and hopefully I can keep my Great Dane, at least. I honestly don’t care about the rest of it. I obvi...

March 02, 2019

Checkmate in Winter 2018/2019

The bacon wrapped pork roast came out perfect.. And nobody ate it because we fought.. Welcome to my life! I’m tired of this shit… I’m coming to the conclusion that living with someone who’s an al...

March 02, 2019

Gah! in Winter 2018/2019

Trying to cook bacon wrapped pork roast and it doesn’t seem like its coming out right… Ugh! Theres more but lets just say I wanna be back at work sometimes.

I thought I was getting paid today for some reason. I got my weeks messed up. Luckily I still have enough money for this week, because my state tax return came in. I’m still waiting for my federa...

I started beef stew in the crockpot for dinner tonight. I love making dinners with my crockpot. It makes it so easy. I still need to get to the store and buy a few more things and then I have to ...

February 23, 2019

Bad mood in Winter 2018/2019

Everything I do makes him mad.. I can’t do anything right at all.. Its not me doing anything specific. Its just his mood and hes almost always this way.. One day I will tell you all the truth. Ma...

1.) What were you doing at 11 last night? Sleeping 2.) Do you think you and your best friend will be friends in 10 years? I cant predict the future. 3.) What could you eat any day of the week and...

February 19, 2019

Taxes and that bit in Winter 2018/2019

So I finally did my taxes… I’m not sure I wanna use Turbo tax anymore.. It seems to just keep getting more and more conplicated each year and they want me to sign a bunch of stuff. I didn’t get b...

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