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Yesterday I did a bunch of chores so today I’ve basically done nothing but watch YouTube all day. I went to Dollar Tree and got a few things. I love DT so much. I mean, yea, some things are cheap...

I received an email telling me I owed $117 on my Capital One credit card, when I hadnt ever used it for a year or more. I worried that maybe someone had my info and was buying stuff on it, so I t...

August 03, 2019

Transplanting Tomatoes in Summer 2019

So I got so bored that I went to Home Depot to get bigger pots for my Roma Tomatoes. They havent grown or sprouted much of anything in months. I only had one plant producing two tomatoes that bar...

Dinner was at 330pm today because bf was high as shit… Ugh! Its his Friday so I cammnt complain, but I still do because I’m so used to eating at 5pm… Plus, it gives me next to no time to relax wh...

July 30, 2019

Busy Day tomorrow. in Summer 2019

I just lazed around most of the day recovering from a hangover. I did go to the grocery store after I felt abit better, but it was like 10am and the streets had construction going so it was a pai...

I’m going over to my dad’s house early so I can help out, but first I need to go to WalMart to get an actual present. I bought a book for her, but I’m gonna get her a toy as well. Can’t wait to ...

I was looking at entries from earlier this year… I quit Facebook in January and its been deleted since February.. I tried looking people up online a couple days ago to find their Facebook and it ...

July 27, 2019

430am in Summer 2019

It’s 430am and I’m sitting outside the gate at work. I’m the only one right now. I start work at 5am. I love the shift, but hate how its so dark. There could be crazy drugged up homeless or wild ...

July 26, 2019

Carl in Summer 2019

I owe you 20 dollars!!!! Thank you so much!

I’d say his attitude has gotten better, but his habits have not.. And the only reason his attitude is better is because the roomate threatened to leave if we had another big fight, like over the ...

Use Vicks Vapor Rub(or a generic brand works just as well) for itchy mosquito bites! Ive got them all over my legs and it actually helps!! Idk why anyone would voluntarily be on Facebook anymore...

July 23, 2019

Dear God.. in Summer 2019

Please God, help him. I can see that it is getting worse. I am miserable, but so afraid to get out. Give someone the strength to make this situation better. It’s not getting any better. I cant k...

I dont consider myself a true Buddhist, but I have changed some behaviors to follow Buddhism. Today, I saved a possibly poisonous spider that would’ve just been smashed by a park visitor or anot...

July 21, 2019

Misinformation in Summer 2019

Did you know that famous Eagle screech they always play on tv and movies is really just a Red-Tailed Hawk?

Well, I’m working alone again this weekend… And possibly all next week since my coworker took 9 days off. My supervisor wont be back until next week so Idk what the schedule will be like. We’re ...

July 19, 2019

Been nothing but... in Summer 2019

My bf seems like hes doing better..even though hes doing drugs again… Idk it may be so far.. I want Rabbit sometimes, but hes just as crazy… If not maybe more. Why am I attracted to the crazy one...

Ever notice the structure of trees look similar to the structure of lungs. Take a look… We breathe in what trees produce and they absorb what we exhale. We are all one.

July 16, 2019

Drunk in Summer 2019

And stupid.

So he bought some more drugs… Yay. I swear, if this fucks up his dopamine levels so bad that we have a huge bad fight, its over. I’m done with this shit.. I’m so tired of the ups and downs.. It...

Hopefully, this is the last weekend I have to work by myself. It’s not hard but its just irritating sometimes. So I guess I can say I feel like my bf is doing better staying away from the hard d...

I could go for some spaghetti squash with tomato sauce right now. Or Eggplant Parmesan. Its 430am and I’m thinking about healthy foods I want because I’m tired of eating fastfood. I skipped out ...

July 10, 2019

Tuesday 2nd Day off in Summer 2019

Ive got another hour before I need to take the cans and bottles to recycling. I’ve actually had a pretty good day so far.. I went to the bank, got $20 out of my secret bank account and bought sa...

Ive been fantasizing about being single for a while now.. Hmm, “fanatasizing”.. Its sad how its so true. I’ve been thinking about if I was single and completely done with this circus, what’d Id d...

I’m making pizza and hot wings, apparently I’m gonna eat it alone… I doubt it. He was asking what we should have for dinner. I suggested pizza. He left a frown face and said, if I want to… I go t...

I find that the roomate is kinda cute and he’ll be gone for two weeks.. :( Wil kinda miss him.

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